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How to Maintain the American Wooden Cabinets and Vanities?

How to Maintain the American Wooden Cabinets and Vanities?


The structure design and color of Traditional Wooden Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities are relatively single, but American Wooden Cabinets and Vanities owns natural and beautiful texture, usage of material health environmental protection, strong and durable and so on, which is unique in Wooden Cabinets and Vanities market. Today, Y&R Furniture will bring you together to learn how to maintain Anerican Wooden Cabinets and Vanities.

First, keep the proper humidity in the kitchen

American kitchen cabinets and vanities, as the name implies, the material is solid wood cabinet. Accordingly, the humidity of the kitchen is unfavorable and exorcise, or it will cause the real wood to be affected with damp easily and out of shape, the normal use that affects cabinet.


In order to solve this problem well, be sure to keep appropriate humidity in the kitchen. When moist season comes, we can move cabinet a little to make cabinet and wall maintain certain gap before, in the meantime, the desiccant of proper amount is put on the cabinet board to prevent the cabinet from becoming moldy and out of shape due to damp, such problem can get solve well.

Second, appropriate of solid wood cabinet should be far from sunshine

Solid wood furniture has a common character that do not put in the place which sunlight can reach. American solid wooden cabinet is also same, should be put in the position that does not get sunshine illuminate, avoid being eroded for solid wooden cabinet because of long-term insolation. If the position for wooden cabinets is only can be chosen close to the window, consider installing an anti-ultraviolet curtain in the window position to protect the solid wooden cabinet.

Third, keep a proper distance from the heat source

Overheating is also a prohibition for American Woonden Cabinets and Vanities. Accordingly, when putting cabinet, try to keep proper distance with heat source as far as possible. Like the refrigerator in the kitchen, air conditioning, which will emit a lot of heat in the process of use, to do a good job of timely discharge of heat, the heat outlet must not be facing the solid wood cabinet, otherwise easy to cause the condition of cracking for cabinet due to dry.

Fourth, choose special wood wax to wipe the wooden furniture

It is the same for both American solid wood cabinet and vanities and other furnitures, which also need to be wiped often, make cabinet surface is not caused at accumulate dust. When wiping of solid wood cabinets, bear in mind that do not use solvent containing ingredients such as gasoline, alcohol to remove dirt, and should choose the wooden furniture special wax, first in cabinet surface evenly coated with a thin layer, gently with a clean cloth to wipe it again, that cabinet bright as new, the service life of solid wood cabinet also can get the biggest improvement.

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