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Six Key To The Maintenance Of Solid Wood Wardrobe

Six Key To The Maintenance Of Solid Wood Wardrobe


What are the six key points of solid wood wardrobe maintenance?

1. Usually, as long as the solid wood wardrobe is wiped with a clean rag, if it is dirty, you can use soap or neutral detergent and wipe it with a damp cloth.

2, often keep the door of the solid wood closet clean, there can be no debris, dust in the track. When cleaning, use a semi-wet rag to wipe the cabinet and cabinet door. Never use corrosive detergent. The dust of the track can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a small brush, and the metal parts such as the frame and the tie rod are wiped with a dry cloth.

3. Avoid using irritating and corrosive chemicals such as alcohol and detergent that are easily damaged by wood.

4, solid wood wardrobe UV is also destructive to wooden furniture, therefore, the appropriate use of fabric or curtains to avoid sun exposure is necessary.

5. When using the sliding door for a long time, the dust-proof strip may have a slight glue drop phenomenon, and it can be glued with double-sided tape; the lower track positioner has a gap in the position, and the flat positioner is used to align the positioner to the side plate. To the tight seam; the sliding door is tilted, and the rightward tilting is to adjust the "loose" sign of the left bottom wheel or the "tight" sign of the right bottom wheel.

6, if you want to wax, it is best to choose a higher concentration of solid, silicone-free wax, so as not to damage the paint surface.


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