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Precautions for custom kitchen cabinets

Precautions for custom kitchen cabinets


The kitchen is an important place in our home, where most families spend a lot of time. Custom cabinets are the largest and most frequently used piece of furniture in the kitchen. The quality of custom kitchen cabinet is closely related to our experience and health and environmental protection. So what material should you choose for custom kitchen cabinet? What do you need to pay attention to when customizing kitchen cabinets?

What material is good for custom kitchen cabinets?

The biggest feature of the kitchen is that it is humid and fumes heavy, and because of the need to open fire to cook, the temperature of hot and cold changes greatly. Accordingly, when choosing kitchen material, must satisfy waterproof moistureproof, firm not easy be out of shape, bearing capacity is strong, durable, not easy moldy wait for a characteristic.  

Solid wood particle board, solid wood plywood, and solid wood materials are the most commonly used panels for custom kitchen cabinets. The main raw material of solid wood particle board is wood scraps, and then infiltrated with glue, additives, etc. to press the board, which has strong gravity resistance, is not easy to deform, has a compact structure, and has better nail holding power, but the disadvantage is that it is not environmentally friendly. Solid wood multilayer board with high strength, good stability, good bending resistance, not easy to deformation.  

Precautions for custom kitchen cabinets

1. Hardware accessories

Hardware accessories are very important for kitchen cabinets. When purchasing, we need to buy stainless steel with buffers, so that there will be no noise when our kitchen cabinets are closed, and the choice of handles is also the same. It is recommended that you Choose invisible handle, it will be more beautiful.

2. the height of the kitchen cabinet

Generally speaking, kitchen cabinets also have a regular height, such as China kitchen cabinet, which is about 82 to 86 cm high, but as a custom kitchen cabinet, the height can actually be adjusted according to the height of the owner. Kitchen cabinet like this suits us better. It's also more convenient.

3. Process problems

The first is to make the kitchen cabinet manufacturer with the merchant to measure the size, and then see the design drawing (generally, the more formal the place, the more standardized the drawing), and the third is to sign the contract (indicate the details you require, the material and the cost), install the kitchen cabinet Other kitchen equipment can also be installed together, so that the connectivity is good and the use is convenient. After communication, you still have to pay more attention to the installation process.

4. Kitchen cabinet moving line partition

The moving line of the kitchen actually means that we take the ingredients in the refrigerator, wash the things, cut the things, fry the things and put them on the plate. This design will make our kitchen more convenient to use!

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