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How to customize kitchen cabinet perfectly?

How to customize kitchen cabinet perfectly?


In the more and more pursuit of personalized today, with the more diversified residential unit type, the finished furniture on the market and home space is more and more difficult to match completely, the overall custom kitchen cabinet is gradually favored by consumers.  
More and more people chase after how to customize a style in line with their own personality, taste of the characteristics of the kitchen cabinet according to personal space, personal interest.  

So how to customize kitchen cabinet perfectly?  

Before customizing the kitchen cabinet, you need to understand the shape of the kitchen cabinet.  
Actually, kitchen cabinet can be made into several models just like shape of L and U or others.  
Before customizing the kitchen cabinet, we must consider the area, shape, and use habits of our kitchen according to our own.  
We should first plan the spatial layout, and consider the expected large electrical appliances, and then decide the shape of the cabinet to choose and place the position.  
Practical integral kitchen not only big component is reasonable configuration, can make full use of dead Angle position in limited space more.  
Kitchen dead corner is to point to the edge horn that resembles a corner in the kitchen, the traditional kitchen cabinet often empty these edge horn before, if pass the design of human nature nevertheless make full use of, also can achieve the effect that makes full use of resources.  
The whole kitchen kitchen of a few modernizations can be joined through frame or the method that build in pull annulus, let edge horn also can load article.  
If the kitchen space in the home is not big, the details of the corner can not be ignored.  

Next, the hardware of kitchen cabinet affected the service life of kitchen cabinet, so need special attention.  
A few drawers must be reserved for the kitchen cabinet in the custom made kitchen cabinet, and the basket that is selected to smoke to pull easily and receive a space. Installation rotates in the corner of kitchen cabinet frame, lest the interior that uses kitchen cabinet thoroughly receives a space. Use hanging frame, clapboard to wait to make full use of metope space.  
Still have of condole ark choose very important also.  
Condole ark is installed in the upper part of the cabinet is the most commonly used method, but if the condole ark is higher, or placed in the condole ark weight is larger, more afraid of knock against the fragile goods, when taking it will not be very convenient.  
Accordingly, when choosing condole ark, the proposal custom-made contains the ark of lift frame but lift type condole, can solve aforesaid problem easily so.  
The life in the room and the person are closely bound up, concerning the body health of the person. Accordingly, the environmental protection of whole kitchen cabinet, health is very important.  
Hence, when choosing whole kitchen cabinet, had better smell whether it is full of natural flavor.  
Many manufacturers in order to save materials, only do local edge sealing treatment, when buying to see whether to do all edge sealing, minimize the field edge sealing, because the field operation is difficult to seal, and the factory adopts high temperature and high pressure edge sealing, after the edge sealing firm and clean. 
It is better not to install the back plate behind the cabinet, so that both money and environmental protection, but also easy to clean, even if you want to use, also want to use a double panel, becasue single panel pollution is serious. The box body material that a few more normal kitchen cabinet uses is white xilai board, contain green moisture-proof agent, and all holes on box body are added to install sealing cover entirely, can prevent moisture to enter, reduce formaldehyde to release. 

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