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Three easy steps to customizing your wardrobe

Three easy steps to customizing your wardrobe


Step one: Determined to choose custom-made wardrobe from manufacturer or to buy finished products

Now a lot of flats or community projects before its delivery, the project contractor will look for a provider to customize the overall wardrobe, rather than directly to buy the finished product, or hire a carpenter to do.

The main reasons are: 
(1) The size and color of the finished wardrobe are fixed, can not be changed, can not meet the needs of consumers' personalized customization, which is the biggest disadvantage of the finished wardrobe.

(2) Due to the poor materials and equipment, the quality of the wardrobe made by woodworking is not guaranteed, and it is likely to exceed the standard of formaldehyde, which endangers the health of the family. At the same time, the cost of employing a carpenter to make furniture is also high.

Therefore, customized wardrobe can perfectly solve the above problems. For example, the owner customized the wardrobe in Y&R Funiture, and the size can be made according to the actual demand. The color of the wardrobe can be chosen to match the style of your home. In terms of quality, Y&R Funiture uses the most environmentally friendly Daya E0 health boards on the market, advanced equipment and technology, good quality wardrobe, long use time, very environmentally friendly, and will not cause excessive formaldehyde.

Step two: Choose the wardrobe OEM/ODM customized manufacturers that meet your needs

If you know that customized wardrobe is more environmentally friendly and can meet your project needs more, it is necessary to choose the right manufacturer. However, now there are thousands of wardrobe enterprises, how should we choose?

Suggestion: First of all, make a choice according to your project needs. For example, if you want to find a good wardrobe for as little money as possible, you can save money by choosing a cost-effective manufacturer. The reason why Y&R Funiture is favored by many foreign importers is that its products are very cost-effective. Because Y&R Funiture tailor-made wardrobe for the importer's projects, consumers can buy good products at a very favorable price and save a lot of money.

Next, want to pay attention to the quality of furniture. Some small manufacturers, small workshops do the wardrobe price is very low, but the quality is very poor, excessive formaldehyde, wardrobe is easy to damage. Such manufacturers must be careful. We suggest that you'd better to Y&R Funiture such products good cost-effective and high manufacturers customized.

Step three: Make an appointment with the manufacturer to start making the wardrobe

When you choose a satisfactory wardrobe manufacturer, you can start to send drawings and other wardrobe production. When making furniture, if there is a large amount of demand, this time can save money.

After signing the order, we can communicate with the designers of Y&R Funiture to determine the number, size, boards and other trusted information of the wardrobe to be made in our home. Then we can confirm the drawings, and then we can place the order for production by paying the deposit. After placing the order, generally speaking, as long as 30 days or so, the wardrobe can be arranged for delivery.

Through the above steps, overseas importers can basically set a satisfactory, environmentally friendly, cost-effective wardrobe.

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