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How to be a super kitchen cabinet supplier?

How to be a super kitchen cabinet supplier?


Since its inception in 1996, YR Furniture has consistently launched original and well-received new products. So, as a professional OEM & ODM kitchen cabinet supplier, who is about to celebrate its 25th year, how does Y&R Funiture continue to iterate and upgrade its kitchen cabinets and make them continue to be praised by the new generation of middle class consumers? 

Today, Let's analyze the design strength, functional layout and material technology of YR Furniture from three aspects: 

Firstly, Strong Design Strength and Various Product Styles 

Y&R Furniture has been focusing on original design since its inception and has many excellent original designers for product design. 

Thanks to these excellent designers, Y&R Funiture has been able to continuously launch a large number of popular kitchen cabinet products, and continue to iterate and upgrade the products, making the products more in line with the kitchen needs of modern users. 

Secondly, Advanced Functional Design 

Y&R Funiture has never stopped in the research and development of kitchen cabinet functions. Now it has the unique cabinet technology core in the world, which not only subverted the assumption of traditional Chinese kitchen, but also solved the problem of too many spices and nowhere to put kitchen utensils in Chinese kitchen. 

Thirdly, High Quality Production Technology 

To enrich product features and provide users with a variety of options, YR Furniture door panels also have a variety of material processes, such as the film pressing process with rich color and stereoscopic feeling, Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and light concentration effect of excellent high light UV process.  The touch is as fine and smooth as baby's skin, such as solid wood oil mixing process. Each kind of craft material has its own characteristic, the user can choose according to be fond of completely. 

From the above, we can see that YR Furniture fully meets the three characteristics that an super kitchen cabinet supplier should have. They not only actively sign excellent designers and constantly absorb fresh design strength to ensure the upgrade and replacement of their products, but also continue to conduct in-depth research and development in product functions and production processes. Aims to provide users with better kitchen cabinet products.

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