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TV Cabinet Type

TV Cabinet Type


1. According to the structure, it can be divided into several types: floor cabinet type, combined type and plate type.

Floor cabinet

The cabinet-type TV cabinet is similar in shape to the cabinet. It is the most used and most common TV cabinet in the home life. The biggest advantage of the cabinet-type TV cabinet is that it can play a very good decorative effect, whether it is put In the living room or in the bedroom, it takes up very little space for the best decoration.


The combined TV cabinet is a sublimation product of the traditional cabinet TV cabinet. It is also the TV cabinet that most consumers like in recent years. The combination TV cabinet is characterized by a combination of two characters, a combined TV cabinet and a wine cabinet. Decorative cabinets, floor cabinets and other home cabinets are combined to form a unique TV cabinet. When you put a TV cabinet in the living room with a combination of a cabinet and a wine cabinet, it is not very attractive!

Shelf type

The characteristics of the rack TV cabinet are similar to those of the combined TV cabinet TV cabinet. The main reason is that the material used is the sheet structure design, which is more prominent in practicality and durability.

2, according to the material can be divided into steel-wood structure, glass / steel pipe, marble structure and plate structure. With the development of the times, more and more new materials and new processes are used in the design and manufacture of TV cabinets, reflecting its importance in furniture decoration and practicality.


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