Y&R Furniture is a professional China Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Vanity Manufacturers, with  25 years experience in custom kitchen cabinet.

Y&r Furniture has created a number of successful series, and american kitchen cabinets is one of them. And its american standard kitchen cabinets is available in a wide range of types, styles, and designs, making it versatile enough to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Y&r Furniture is a professional american kitchen cabinets manufacturers and its american standard cabinets are deliberately worn out, with dark brown and yellowish brown as the main colors, simplifying a lot of modeling lines, simple and crude, natural and casual. More embodies a feeling of advocating nature, it does not have too much decoration, there is no gold inlaid with silver, not too gorgeous and exquisite, Y&r Furniture's american standard cabinets mainly emphasizing comfort, style, practicality and versatility.

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