You still don't know what whole house customization is? look here

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-08

Whole house customization is a hot topic in home decoration in recent years. Compared with traditional home decoration, it reduces a lot of trouble. It brings a lot of convenience and benefits to people.

1. Personalized customization, unified style, high value

With the improvement of the quality of life, consumers' demand for furniture is not only limited to practicality, but also more and more prominent in appearance and personality Depending on the style of your home decor, to coordinate furniture and decor. The style is more suitable for shooting, and can be customized according to the user's personality and living habits, fully reflecting their unique taste and attitude towards life.

2. One-stop service saves worry, effort and time

The pace of modern life is getting faster and faster, especially for office workers who have little time control. There isn't much spare time to catch up on home decorating. Having to run various building materials and home marketplaces in the Middle East to assemble and compare prices, techniques and designs took a lot of time and effort! The whole house has been customized to provide consumers with one-stop services of consultation, design, sales, installation, and after-sales, which greatly simplifies the entire decoration process and truly saves customers worry and time.

3. Higher space utilization

In a city where every inch of land is very expensive, for the vast majority of consumers, they hope that every space in their homes can be fully and reasonably used. However, traditional furniture cannot meet the problem of room type and size at all, especially when encountering some special-shaped spaces, standardized products cannot meet the demand at all.

Avoid corner columns and customize U-shaped cabinets; when the stairs are inclined, the working angle and reading angle can be subtly changed; there are grooves on the wall and custom-made TV cabinets; these cases prove that the fixed space utilization of the whole house is very high.

4. Worry-free after-sales service

In traditional home decoration, different businesses may provide different furniture. In the later stages, once you encounter problems, it will be troublesome. The more likely situation is that there is no guarantee that there will be no one after the sale, and the whole process will track the customized after-sales service of the whole house and place an order at one time. All problems can be solved with a mobile phone, worry-free after-sales service! So the whole house customization will bring many benefits to people.

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