Why solid wood custom furniture is a trend

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-09

With the integration and upgrading of the building materials and furniture market, the concept of whole house solid wood customization has been accepted by many consumers, especially among social elites, solid wood custom home decoration has become a fashion and trend, so what are the advantages of solid wood customization? ? Why is whole house solid wood customization a trend?

1. The purchase of solid wood custom furniture is simple

The emergence of solid wood customization has changed the situation that consumers had to travel all over the building materials market in the past. In the past, consumers usually had to compare product brands, prices, craftsmanship, design, services, environmental protection and safety, etc. before making a decision. . And solid wood customization is like a furniture supermarket, simple and convenient, you can choose any style and grade you want, one-stop service purchase, no need to worry about style matching, saving time, effort and worry.

2. The decorative effect of solid wood custom furniture is good

In the past, when consumers were decorating, they would feel that there were many brands of building materials, but the products were single. For the products selected by consumers, it might be difficult to match them with other products, the styles were not coordinated, and the effect was not perfect. Compared with ordinary wooden products, solid wood customization can not only present a unified furniture style through a full range of furniture products and systematic closing solutions, but also be more outstanding in detail decoration. All the products of the company are made of brand solid wood multi-layer boards, imported New Zealand pine wood, Youhang shark glue, China Resources paint, and German Fushili locks. Each of them is carefully selected to create a good furniture decoration effect.

3. Solid wood custom furniture and thoughtful service

In terms of after-sales service, in the past, if there was a problem with the cabinet, I had to go to the cabinet, and if I had a problem with the wooden door, I had to go to the wooden door, which was troublesome and worrying. Solid wood customization solves this problem very well. It can be done with one phone call. Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale are all supporting services, saving consumers a lot of time and energy. For example, the innovative '24+48' hour customer service experience is the service system that a typical solid wood custom furniture enterprise should have.

solid wood custom furniture

In addition to giving customers a better experience during the decoration process, solid wood customization solves the modern people's pursuit of individuality and convenience. Positive attitude, improve the happiness index, and enjoy the 'slow life'.

4. Solid wood custom furniture is stylish and cultured

The term 'customization' comes from French advanced custom fashion, which is a concept of fashion and fashion culture. Furniture customization has been developed in China for a long time. With the rapid development of the times, solid wood customization has developed from providing products to providing customers with a complete set of overall style solutions for solid wood custom furniture.

5. Solid wood custom furniture is healthy and environmentally friendly

The green and environmentally friendly wood properties of solid wood products can meet the health needs of furniture users. Wooden products are mild and elegant, and have no poison or harm to the human body, making furniture life healthy and safe. For example, in the production design process, there are strict size standards for solid wood custom furniture, and the design is based on ergonomic principles. Everything starts from the user's point of view and selects materials from the perspective of environmental protection. This is a green, healthy, and environmentally friendly customization.

6. Solid wood custom-made furniture shows a kind of furniture culture

Solid wood custom furniture is now also leading the new trend of furniture life. Custom furniture is also unique in product design style. , Simple European Style, New Chinese Style and other series, each series has a unique product design, both practical and aesthetic, to meet the unity of furniture style, overall matching and whole house solid wood customization. Let the vast consumer groups meet the exclusive needs of solid wood furniture, and feel the culture of furniture in customization. Solid wood custom furniture is actually a display of life culture!

7. Solid wood custom-made furniture embodies an attitude towards life

Modern people care about health, food, furniture and environment, and know how to enjoy life more and more. The noble family is no longer the trend guide for understanding life. The low-key and connotative hermit class is gradually emerging in this era. People who really understand life know how to give themselves a relaxed environment through 'customization'; through 'solid wood customization', give themselves a relaxing time; through solid wood customization furniture. Keep yourself in a confident and optimistic state; improve your happiness in ordinary life. This is an impeccable reason to choose solid wood custom furniture.

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