Why do most people choose whole house furniture customization

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-10

At a certain stage of every family decoration, it is inevitable to install large cabinets such as porch cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, cabinets, as well as doors and windows. At this time, most people will choose furniture customization. For modern people, furniture It is not just a practical product, but also represents a kind of life attitude. In today's society, custom-made furniture for the whole house is increasingly recognized by consumers. Because it can not only make reasonable use of various spaces in the home, but also match the entire home environment, and can be specially customized according to the characteristics of the owner to fully reflect the taste of the owner.

The survey data shows that the dissatisfaction rate of consumers with furniture purchases is as high as 76%

In the past, when purchasing furniture, we usually purchased finished furniture in pieces without consistent design and planning, which often made it difficult to coordinate the overall style of the home, and it was also difficult to make full use of the home space, thereby reducing the utilization rate of home space .

Different from the traditional furniture industry, the customization of the whole house can make full use of the space, ranging from the ceiling to the corner of the stairs. All' practical functions, make your love home more 'free'.

Compared with today's furniture market with serious homogenization, customized furniture is easier to meet the individual needs of consumers. Whole house customization completes the real whole house and whole category customization, providing consumers with comprehensive, one-stop, personalized, high-quality Quality home custom treatments. In addition, there are three major benefits of whole house customization:

helps to accurately grasp the style of work

furniture customization

Most of the 'quasi-decorators' don't have much experience in decoration, and they don't have a solid design idea. Many people just get some basic knowledge from newspapers, the Internet or other people's homes. This leads to the fact that the designer can't understand your preferences very well, but just continues his original design style, and some even directly apply the original plan to the decoration.

The space can be designed according to the furniture

Generally, when the funds permit, everyone will hand over some small pieces of furniture such as shoe cabinets and Duobaoge to the decoration company to save trouble. They think that this will not only save time and effort, but also prevent the size of the furniture they buy from being inappropriate. grades. However, the furniture made by the decoration company on site pays too much attention to the use function, which cannot meet the needs of consumers for fashionable home furnishing. If the furniture is ordered in advance before the decoration, these troubles will be avoided, because the structure of the house is relatively flexible now, and many spaces can be opened and partitioned at will.

increase unnecessary expenses

Customized furniture is an effective way to control the cost of decoration. Anyone who has decorated knows that the initial decoration style basically exceeds the original budget, because there are often some unforeseen additions during the decoration process, such as a few more cabinets for no reason, which consumes labor and materials. Naturally, there will be more, not to mention the longer construction period, but also more money, which cannot be reflected in the quotation after the decoration company.

And after you choose the furniture, you actually spent a large sum of the decoration costs, and the basic style has been determined, and the rest is just to hand over the basic engineering part to the decoration company, which will avoid a lot of troubles. Unnecessary additions. Many people spend a lot of money on decoration, but when it comes to buying custom-made furniture, they find that they are short of cash and can only buy some cheap furniture that does not match the decoration style. The overall feeling of home decoration is extremely uncoordinated.

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