Why custom cabinets?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-09

Nowadays, many families pursue personalized decoration, so the phenomenon of home customization is becoming more and more common. Cabinet customization is the more popular practice. So, compared with traditional cabinets, is cabinet customization good?

We look at it from multiple angles

1. From the perspective of functional design; generally speaking, cabinet customization can reflect the function and design of science and technology cabinets. Ordinary cabinets usually only have basic storage functions. Compared with the pick and place of items, it lacks consideration in many aspects, such as how to make full use of the space. In terms of functional design alone, the cabinets produced by professional manufacturers have been very carefully considered: sinks and stoves are recessed and elegantly designed, and all drawers are equipped with slides, making them both light and heavy. Space is used very efficiently and access is facilitated by using a variety of functional accessories.

2. In terms of materials; self-made cabinets generally use ordinary laminates and ordinary hardware accessories. In this way, furniture is used to make cabinets, which are difficult to resist the erosion of moisture, high temperature and corrosive items in the kitchen. The professional cabinet adopts high-grade fire-proof boards such as corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, which are not only difficult to deform and damage, but also easy to clean. Therefore, after the cabinets produced by professional manufacturers have been used for several years, replacing a door panel is equivalent to replacing a whole new cabinet.

3. In terms of technology; the various crafts of decorative carpenters to make cabinets are inevitably rough and time-consuming. However, all cabinets produced by professional manufacturers are produced industrially. From blanking, polishing to installation, it is carried out in strict accordance with the specifications. Not only the product craftsmanship is exquisite, but also quite beautiful. In terms of safety; Generally speaking, the overall kitchen includes not only large parts such as cabinets, gas stoves, range hoods and cleaning pools, but also small parts such as hanging parts and small corner cabinets. At the same time, various electrical appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and dishwashers can be arranged in appropriate positions. The kitchen is not only perfectly combined with traditional kitchen design and electrical, but also realizes the overall safety of the kitchen.

What are the advantages of cabinet customization?

1. It can be embedded into kitchen appliances to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Customize a high-level custom cabinet, which can be embedded with various kitchen appliances, including ordinary household appliances such as disinfection cabinets and constant temperature wine cabinets, so that even if there are inconvenient families at home, they will not bend too much because of working in the kitchen. Range hood pipes can also be wrapped with custom cabinets, making cabinet customization more uniform.

2. It can guarantee the utilization of special-shaped space to a large extent. When decorating the kitchen, if the space is irregular or the shape is weird, you can solve the problem of hard-to-buy cabinets by customizing the cabinets. Doing a proper cabinet arc along a wall or in the odd place avoids the difficulty altogether without wasting any available kitchen space and kitchen styling.

3. It can shield beams, avoid columns, and easily achieve the ideal kitchen decoration effect. In this small space of ordinary people's kitchen, no matter what kind of kitchen shape, there will be pillars to support the whole cabinet and kitchen shape. The customized countertop of the cabinet can not only perfectly block the unsightly columns, but also make full use of the concave space and concave scheme of these columns, which not only expands the capacity of the kitchen, but also makes the overall shape more beautiful.

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