Whole cabinet customization, what should be paid attention to in installation?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-26

Now when decorating, most people will choose integral cabinets. The same is the kitchen. Integrated cabinets can help us design according to our own needs, reject stereotypes, and make good use of every inch of kitchen space. When installing the overall cabinet, many people will encounter sudden problems. In this regard, the cabinet customization editor will introduce the overall cabinet customization. What should be paid attention to during installation?

1. We need to take a serious look at the boards needed for the overall cabinet, and we can't just look at the appearance and ignore the interior. When making a choice, you need to check the relevant certificates, mainly to see if the material has an environmental protection certificate, and don't just listen to the one-sided words of the shopping guide, because it will affect our use later.

2. We can also listen to whether there is any abnormal sound when the various hardware parts in the overall cabinet are opened. The smaller the sound, the better.

3. In addition, in addition to looking at it, we also need to personally feel the atmosphere of the overall cabinet. For example, some good handles will have a slippery touch instead of a cold feeling. You can also touch the front edge of the countertop with your hands, mainly to check the process structure and see if there is a thick feeling. In addition to these aspects, there are some other components, such as drawers, door panels, etc., which can also be compared with other panels.

Different people can choose different designs, but for now, most people choose more overall cabinets. After all, it can save a lot of things, facilitate people's lives, and save a lot of time.

The above is all the content introduced by the editor of cabinet customization. If you want to know more information about cabinet customization, please pay attention!

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