Which wall-mounted cabinet or floor-standing cabinet is more moisture-proof?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-08

   1. Installation method: Which is more moisture-proof, floor-standing cabinet or wall-mounted cabinet?

  Floor cabinet means that the bottom of the cabinet is close to the ground, while wall cabinet means the cabinet hung on the wall. As far as the moisture-proof effect is concerned, the wall-mounted cabinet has better moisture resistance. The wall-mounted cabinet does not touch the ground, and the accumulated water and moisture on the bathroom floor will not spread upward from the bottom of the cabinet, and the wall-mounted cabinet cannot touch the ground. Clean and clean. More convenient. However, wall-mounted cabinets can't be installed if you want to. It depends on the floor or wall drain of the bathroom!

   The moisture-proof performance of floor-to-ceiling cabinets is slightly worse. Generally speaking, the bathroom cabinets that have not been separated from dry and wet, use the bathroom cabinet with the bottom plate, and within five years, the cabinet will be strange due to damp Cracking! Although many bathroom vanity are styles with four feet on the ground, they are still eroded by water vapor!

   2. Launching method: Is the ground lined up or the wall lined up?

   The so-called floor drain refers to the way that the drain pipe of the toilet passes through the floor and merges into the main drain. The wall row refers to the way in which drainage pipes are laid horizontally on the same floor and finally concentrated to the drain pipes. In comparison, the floor row is more suitable for installing floor cabinets, because the way of the floor row, the water pipe will be exposed, the use of floor cabinets can be used for shelter, and the wall row can be installed with wall-mounted cabinets and floor cabinets!

   3. Cabinet material: What material is the bathroom cabinet more moisture-proof?

   Common bathroom cabinet materials are solid wood, ceramic, PVC, mixed materials, etc. There are many, which material is the most moisture-proof? Generally speaking, PVC bathroom cabinets have relatively good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, are not easy to deform, and also have the advantages of light texture, scratch and wear resistance, and low price! If you want to choose wooden bathroom cabinets, then oak is a better choice. Oak has a hard material, high density, and is not easy to swell due to moisture. After the later water-proof and moisture-proof treatment, the water resistance is further improved, and it can also be made into a bathroom cabinet! In addition, bathroom vanity hardware is best to choose stainless steel with better waterproof performance!

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