Which one is better, a hanging bathroom cabinet or a floor-standing bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-20

  1. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet

   Advantages: The floor-standing cabinet has a large volume, more storage space, and better stability.

   Disadvantages: The bottom of some floor-standing bathroom vanity is not ventilated, and it is affected by water soaking on the ground. It is easy to be damp and moldy, and there may be sanitary corners that are difficult to clean.

  2. Hanging bathroom vanity

   Advantages: Hanging wall cabinets are lighter, thinner and more fashionable, with high appearance, no sanitary corners at the bottom, less damp at the bottom of the cabinet, and better waterproof performance.

   Disadvantages: The installation is more complicated, and the load-bearing problem needs to be considered during installation. Hanging wall cabinets are best to choose wall drainage, otherwise the exposed water pipes will affect the appearance.

  3. How to choose

   In view of the choice between the two, you should first check the decoration of your home, pay attention to whether the bathroom is separated from dry and wet, and whether the wall is a load-bearing wall or solid wall brick, and then make a decision.

   First of all, out of safety considerations, suspended bathroom cabinets have very strict requirements on the installation wall, which must be load-bearing walls or solid wall tiles. If it is a hollow wall tile, it is difficult to ensure that the bathroom cabinet will remain stable and not loose for a long time.

   In contrast, floor-standing bathroom cabinets have no requirements for the wall and can be moved at will. Unlike hanging bathroom vanity, once installed, they cannot be changed.

   After determining the wall, if the bathroom in your home is larger, you can choose a floor-standing bathroom cabinet, but it is recommended to choose a tall cabinet with legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the ground moisture.

   If the bathroom does not achieve dry and wet separation, it is best to choose a hanging bathroom vanity. Because the water splashes when bathing, it will inevitably wet the ground.

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