Which material is good for the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-28

The advantages of    stainless steel bathroom vanity: high cost performance, light material

   Compared with other materials, the biggest advantage of stainless steel bathroom vanity is that they are very cost-effective, especially when the decoration budget is not high, it is a good choice. In addition, the material is also very light, which not only saves time and effort during installation, but also is strong and durable.

   is waterproof and moisture-proof, not easy to deform

  The bathroom is the wettest place in the house. Of course, it is necessary to choose materials with good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Stainless steel will not swell and deform like wooden cabinets once it is corroded by water vapor. On the contrary, because of the high density of stainless steel, the water absorption rate is very low, so there is no need to worry about water penetration. Moreover, it is very convenient to clean and take care of. It does not need to spend too much time and attention to maintain, just wipe it lightly.

The disadvantages of    stainless steel bathroom cabinets

   This is to give everyone an important point. The biggest disadvantage of stainless steel bathroom vanity is that they are prone to oxidation! If the cabinet surface is scratched or scratched, it is difficult to repair it. The stains remaining in the cracks over time will cause the cabinet surface to rust, affect the aesthetics, and shorten the service life.

   In addition, silver bathroom vanity will give people a metallic cold feeling. It is difficult to match the colors when installed in the bathroom. Although there are also colorful stainless steel bathroom cabinet designs, IMHO, the sense of cheapness is too strong, and it reduces the grade of the home.

Which material is better for    bathroom cabinet? Stainless steel is the most suitable, cost-effective and not deformed. In general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but pay attention to the matching of maintenance and decoration. One last reminder, don’t just save a little money! The bathroom vanity is one of the most frequently used places, the quality of the material can be said to determine the happiness of life.

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