Which material is best for wardrobes?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-08

1. Solid wood furniture boards are made of solid wood, which is made of natural flowers and trees, without pollution, but its price will be relatively high, and the requirements for production and construction technology are also very high.

2. Tooth-jointed board The tooth-jointed board is made by pasting and cold-extruding several wooden boards vertically and horizontally, which is called furniture board. This kind of material has more viscose processing technology than solid wood boards. In the production process, it does not use urea-aldehyde glue, but white glue, so it is more environmentally friendly. It is recommended that you buy from the store when you buy, and check the qualification certificate of the wood.

3. High-density board High-density board is formed by powdery lignin fiber suppressed at high temperature, and has a good surface flatness. The wardrobe made of high-density board material has a smooth and flat surface and feels comfortable to the touch. Moreover, the high-density board is soft and impact-resistant, has high strength, has uniform density after pressing, and is easy to reproduce and process, so there are various choices for the appearance of the wardrobe. Custom wardrobes generally use wardrobes made of high-density boards, which are more beautiful in appearance and have a good visual impact.

4. Solid wood particle board Solid wood particle board is a new type of high-end high-quality board, which is a furniture board manufactured by the processing technology of particle board. The solid wood particle board has a relatively high density, and the lignin fiber particles in the board are large, which preserves the essence of natural wood, and the solid wood particle board is very cost-effective, so if the budget is limited, the solid wood particle board wardrobe is also very good choice. In addition, the energy saving and environmental protection of solid wood particle board are very strong. Nowadays, the types of boards for making wardrobes are much more interesting than those of the previous two years, but there are more spaces for customers to choose from. In the past two years, the wardrobes were basically made on the spot, and the surface of the cabinet was made of solid wood boards. Cowhide, using wooden moldings to close the edges, and now we use single-sided pine boards to make cabinets, but the problem is that the single-sided solid wood finger-jointed boards are very easy to crack, but after the three-layer fir boards, the problem of cracking and deformation has been solved. And it's a bit rough on the surface. If it is not environmentally friendly to paint with water, then the wood cabinets made at the scene of the crime are not made of solid wood particle boards because it is difficult to solve the problems of cracks and edge wrapping when opening the boards. I also tend to use solid wood multi-layer boards to make kitchen cabinet shells, but because the multi-boards prevent small blisters, there are also Malacca blockboards and pine solid wood boards used for wardrobes. There is also a relatively small amount of superglue in the production process of this material . The above content is about the materials used in wardrobe customization introduced by wardrobe customization. I believe everyone has further study and understanding. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to us.

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