Which is better, PVC bathroom cabinet or solid wood bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-10

  PVC is a thermoplastic resin polymerized by vinyl chloride under the action of an initiator. To put it bluntly, it is a kind of chemical synthetic material. Usually the bathroom vanity is made of PVC sheet. The advantages of PVC sheet production are low price, no fear of water, simple process, but the disadvantage is that it will volatilize chemical components, it is not easy to shape, and the workmanship is rough. It doesn't feel upscale. In the words of our sanitary ware industry, it is called 'garbage cabinet'.

  PVC bathroom vanity are mainly sold in rural areas because of their low price and many color patterns can be made with modern technology. High-end customers are not willing to use PVC cabinets. The production threshold of PVC bathroom cabinets is very low, which also leads to the uneven quality of PVC cabinets on the market.

  The production and molding process of PVC bathroom cabinets mainly relies on glue and nail shots, so PVC cabinets will release a certain amount of formaldehyde. The use of glue and nails will also cause the product to be weak. In addition, the PVC board is elastic, and the cabinet body will be deformed. Let’s take a look at solid wood cabinets. As the name suggests, solid wood cabinets are made of solid wood. There are many types of solid wood. The most common one on the market is oak cabinets. There are other precious woods, such as walnut. The production of solid wood cabinets requires very high craftsmanship. In addition, the design of solid wood cabinet styles is also a very important aspect. This results in very different prices for the same materials.

The production of    solid wood cabinets. Some manufacturers are similar to PVC bathroom cabinets. They also use glue and nails. This is the production method of low-end bathroom cabinets. Some manufacturers of high-end bathroom cabinets still use ancient house-building techniques. The bathroom cabinets produced in this way are particularly strong, but the price is higher. In order to increase the waterproof performance of wood, some manufacturers also use logs for submersion processing, that is, soak the wood in water first. The defect of solid wood cabinets is that they are afraid of water, but modern technology will do waterproof treatment. Some low-end manufacturers do not do well in waterproofing, which may affect the use, so it is recommended that the bathroom should be separated from dry and wet when buying solid wood bathroom cabinets. In addition, there are many styles of solid wood cabinets, including modern cabinets, antique cabinets, European styles, etc. When customers buy, please choose according to your own decoration style and main color.

There are two types of    solid wood cabinets. One is called log production. This kind of bathroom vanity is very high-end, and all positions of the cabinet are made of logs. There is also a kind of multi-layer solid wood, which is made by pasting thin solid wood boards, which is a bit worse than logs, and of course the price is lower. In particular, it is the production of solid wood cabinets, and the painting process is also very important. In addition, some unscrupulous merchants use compressed boards to pretend to be solid wood, and everyone should keep their eyes open when buying. The compression board is mainly used in the position of the drawer and the wall board, everyone must pay attention to it. In summary, PVC bathroom cabinets and solid wood bathroom vanity are not comparable. The former focuses on the low-end market, while the latter's customer base is mainly the high-end market. I advise everyone to buy bathroom cabinets not to be cheap to avoid being fooled.


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