Which is better, custom wardrobe or woodworking wardrobe?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-31

Which is better, custom wardrobe or woodworking wardrobe? Which one is better for a custom wardrobe? Custom Wardrobe or Carpentry Wardrobe

Every home needs a wardrobe. When it comes to decorating a wardrobe, there are three approaches. One is to buy a finished wardrobe, the other is to have a custom wardrobe and wrestle with a carpenter on site. Since the finished wardrobe cannot meet the personal needs of the owner, few families will choose the finished wardrobe. Then let's see which is better, a custom wardrobe or a carpenter's wardrobe. You can compare by:

1. The difference between custom wardrobes and popular wardrobes The custom manufacturer of the whole house tells you that the custom wardrobe first needs to go to the owner's home for on-site measurement, and then determine the wardrobe customization plan according to the owner's needs, and then the custom manufacturer produces according to the plan Wardrobe panels, transported to the owner's home for assembly and molding

Woodworking on-site wardrobe is to cut boards and make wardrobe products on site according to the owner's needs in the woodworking stage

2, This is a better choice for custom wardrobes and wardrobes

The whole house custom builder gave you a brief understanding of the difference between custom wardrobes and woodworking wardrobes, so which of these two wardrobe manufacturing methods is more suitable for your family? Let's compare with a few details

1. price budget

First of all, in terms of price, there are many calculation methods for the price of custom wardrobes, some are calculated by projected area, and some are calculated by linear meters. However, the overall price of a custom wardrobe is more expensive than a wardrobe

Many homeowners also report that custom closets are often at least one to twice as expensive as woodwork closets. This is understandable because, after all, custom wardrobe manufacturers also need to make a profit. Therefore, from a budget point of view, the prices of wardrobes on woodworking sites are relatively low

2. Environmental Protection Comparison

The panels of the custom wardrobe are produced, cut and painted in the factory, and the production of the panels also has very strict requirements. Whether it is a custom wardrobe or a carpenter's on-site wardrobe, the owner is free to choose the wood panels used. In this respect, the environmental protection of the board itself is controllable; however, all projects such as on-site fabrication and surface coating need to be constructed in the owner's house, so during the construction process, it will cause certain air pollution to the owner's house pollute. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental protection, because its environmental protection can be controlled, but during the construction process, hitting the wardrobe will cause some air pollution to the owner's home. fineness of architectural detail

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