Which furniture can be customized for the whole house?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-04

If you don't want unchanging furniture, if you want furniture that is more in line with the decoration style, I believe many people will choose to customize the whole house. Furniture customization, customization of the whole house can unify your furniture and home style, and make more reasonable use of every inch of space in the house. Many homeowners need a lot of furniture in their home, but don't know which pieces can be customized throughout the house. Furniture customization, the editor below will take you to understand which furniture can be customized throughout the house.

1. Shoe Cabinets Everyone wants a place to store shoes at home. They don't want to see dirty shoes as soon as they walk in the door. They don't know where to put them. A shoe cabinet is customized at the door of the house to meet the storage needs of various shoes in the family. With people's usage habits, more and more owners will customize a floor-standing three-dimensional cabinet, which can not only store shoes, but also store other items. There are shoes on the bottom and other items on the top. Design various styles of shoe cabinets: storage Locker + shoe cabinet; shoe cabinet + locker + instrument mirror; shoe cabinet + locker + instrument mirror + shoe changing stool; shoe cabinet + disinfection cabinet + instrument mirror + shoe changing stool + clothes drying area, etc., many users There are different needs, and the design styles of shoe cabinets are also different.

2. Cabinets Kitchens vary in size from home to home, and even the patterns are prettier than one. In order to make full use of the kitchen space, it is undoubtedly better to choose a fully customized kitchen. The crown prince studied the design of the cabinet. The cabinet board is made of moisture-proof, acid- and alkali-resistant Burmese teak wood, which has high stability and durability, and is suitable for kitchen fumes and humid environments. The overall cabinet adopts ergonomic design, which mainly meets the needs of users in terms of cabinet height, functional use, and cabinet design.

3. Wardrobes Custom wardrobes can be designed with sealed tops to reduce sanitary dead ends and allow off-season bedding to be placed on top. Finished wardrobes cannot be topped, which creates dead spaces that make them difficult to clean. In addition, the customized wardrobe can reasonably allocate storage space, and the hanging area, folding area, drawer, trouser rack and other areas can be designed according to your own usage habits

4. TV Cabinet Users who need to customize a TV cabinet at home should be very careful when storing it. Although the storage space of the TV cabinet is not very large, small daily items can also be stored well. In the past, the TV cabinet was under the TV, but if you choose to customize the TV cabinet, you can customize the TV cabinet according to the way you like, such as top, full wall, half wall and so on. Balcony cabinets Many families like to place washing machines and laundry tables on the balcony, so many families will choose to customize the balcony cabinets in the space on both sides of the balcony. Generally, it adopts the form of customized hanging cabinet + floor cabinet, which can not only place the washing machine, but also store small items such as washing supplies.

5. Partition Wall Screens In the past, partitions in areas of a house were usually constructed from walls. Now more and more people choose to use screen partitions, which are usually used for partitions. There are many options for screens, including cutouts and strong shadows. While it visually ensures a certain degree of privacy and has a smaller footprint than walls, it is quite beautiful and cultural.

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