Which aspects should you start with when choosing a bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-19

   Why do I need to choose a bathroom vanity for the bathroom? Common bathroom cabinets are integrated with basins and mirrors, which is more in line with the overall beauty of our house decoration. Secondly, the bathroom cabinet can store all kinds of toiletries, cosmetics, and can also be stored Some changes of clothes can prevent getting wet when bathing, which is a good helper for the 'reservation' in the bathroom nowadays. Knowing the role of bathroom vanity, from which aspects should we choose bathroom cabinets?

   1. According to the size of the bathroom, make a reasonable choice

   Generally speaking, bathroom vanity have single cabinets, sets, and customized products, so first of all, we need to choose bathroom cabinets according to the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. For small areas, choose single cabinets, and large areas are optional. Set or customize directly.

   Two. Materials for bathroom cabinets

   For a relatively humid environment like a bathroom, the moisture-proof performance of the product itself is very important, otherwise it will be eroded by water for a long time, and it will burst and rot. The bathroom cabinets currently on the market have a variety of plates, such as PVC, solid wood, stainless steel, ceramics and other materials, among which solid wood is the most popular. Although the wood itself is not very waterproof, the multi-layer paint treatment on the surface has the waterproof performance and is also more high-end.

   3. The quality and design of ceramic basin

   Ceramic basin is an integral part of the bathroom cabinet. A good ceramic basin first needs a white glaze, a gentle and soft tentacles, without leaving any stains, and the sound when tapped is dull, rather than crisp. At the same time, ceramics need to be able to withstand the changes of thermal expansion and contraction to prevent bursting when exposed to boiling water in winter.

   Fourth, the quality of hardware accessories

   At the installation and connection of the bathroom, hardware accessories play a very important role. Such as the movable hinges of the cabinet door, handles, hinges, faucets and fixing screws, etc. If these hardware accessories are of poor quality, they will be easily damaged after a long period of use.

  5. Storage capacity of the cabinet

  Of course, the biggest function of bathroom cabinets is storage, which allows us to store shampoos, shower gels, facial cleansers, towels, bath towels, toilet papers, etc., which are commonly used in bathrooms, to improve the convenience of using items. Take it at hand for easy-to-use effect.


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