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by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-24

In order to better meet your own ideas and the actual specifications of the home, is the custom-made wardrobe customized by the factory or made on the woodworking site? If you are still hesitating whether to choose woodworking wardrobes or custom-made overall wardrobes, why? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two.

Production and processing methods

Woodworking wardrobe: production and processing are carried out on site, and the plan can be modified at any time, but all production processes are carried out at home, and the noise pollution is very large.

Whole wardrobe: It is a factory-style production and processing. All kinds of data information on site must be accurately measured by the designer. Generally, it is not easy to make mistakes. You can also communicate with the designer about your requirements. After customization, the product output is installed, which is clean, tidy and convenient.

Purchasing and program design

Woodworking wardrobe: Masters usually communicate and exchange materials with residents immediately. However, due to the different qualities of carpenters, the effect is not enough. Master carpenters are generally controlled by the elite team of house decoration, and the turnover of workers is very large.

Overall wardrobe: You can go to the exhibition hall to see samples. After the salesperson has grasped customer satisfaction, he will dispatch designers or communicate with project outsourcing designers immediately. There are also some well-known brands with strong overall standards that generally require salesmen to understand the plan Design and installation, work experience is more diverse, due to strong professional skills, personnel turnover is not too large.

Production and processing cycle

Woodworking wardrobe: In this regard, woodworking wardrobes have great advantages. Generally speaking, at most three jobs can be carried out in the previous day.

Whole wardrobe: The production and processing cycle is relatively long, and a very good brand generally takes at least 15-20 days, and a small family workshop needs at least 10 days because of the small work flow. It is suggested that they can be allocated in advance according to the progress of house decoration and move-in time.

The application of interior space design

Woodworking wardrobe: The utilization rate of interior space design is very large, especially for the treatment of special shapes (slopes).

Overall wardrobe: Many people feel that the utilization rate of the overall wardrobe for interior space design is not large. In fact, this is somewhat one-sided. Except for the slope, the treatment of the column and beam of the overall wardrobe has long been perfect. Generally, it will be based on the details. According to the situation, the scheme design will not be affected. Designers can also be required to maximize the benefits of interior space design based on the size of the home.

fine level

Woodworking wardrobe: It has a lot to do with the craftsmanship of the master craftsman. It is necessary for the residents to interview the production site at any time to grasp the actual product situation.

Overall wardrobe: Generally speaking, the level of detail of the overall wardrobe is better than that of woodworking wardrobes, because the process from sampling to production is more professional.

Ecological environment protection level

Woodworking wardrobe: Whether the board is ecological or not must be thoroughly grasped. In addition, it should be noted that a lot of glue may be used when all-ceramic veneers and edge strips are used in the second half, and the smell lasts for a long time.

Overall wardrobe: Most of them are produced and processed with E1 grade or above boards, which can generally be grasped according to the professional qualification certificate, but you need to pay attention to whether the professional qualification certificate has expired, and here you need to pay special attention to the authorization time limit. When the company signs a contract with you, you can ask it to show relevant professional qualification certificates.


Woodworking wardrobe: To purchase raw materials, you must carefully select all kinds of boards currently on the market. In addition to the labor costs of woodworking masters, the price is comparable to that of general well-known brand wardrobes.

Overall wardrobe: It depends on the regulations. Generally speaking, well-known brands are comparable to woodworking wardrobes, and the price of well-known brands is slightly higher than that of woodworking wardrobes. However, the raw materials and environmental protection of most customized wardrobes are more guaranteed. From the point of view of quality, cost-effective or relatively high.


Woodworking wardrobe: generally fixed with round nails and cannot be disassembled, because disassembly will cause catastrophic damage to the cabinet body and baffles, which will harm the re-use of the cabinet body.

Whole wardrobe: most of them are fixed with buckle-type scaffolding, and can be removed. When encountering a discrepancy with the specifications and models of the removed geographical environment, some adjustments can be made by changing boards, repairing boards, etc. The company's services also save time and effort in the second half of the transformation.

After-sale maintenance service

Woodworking wardrobe: Most interior decoration companies do not have after-sales maintenance services. Decoration companies generally provide after-sales maintenance services, but most of them cannot immediately.

Overall wardrobe: The warranty period in the industry is generally 3-5 years free of charge. In addition, it is a lifetime warranty service. The time also needs to be cycled, usually within two days. There will continue to be company after-sales service follow-up visits, and any problems can be communicated immediately.

After some comparison, whether it is custom-made or woodworking, both have their own advantages and characteristics. The final choice is important or depends on your own preferences. For reference only.

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