What waterproof board is used for bathroom cabinets?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-26

   The bathroom and kitchen space are relatively humid, so moisture-proof work should be the first priority; so when choosing cabinets and bathroom vanity materials, the priority is moisture-proof!

   Below, let’s take a look at the boards used in cabinets and bathroom vanity. Which ones are more common?

  PVC board should be the most common waterproof board in home improvement. It has excellent performance, and the price is relatively grounded, and there are more people who use it naturally.

   The waterproof performance of    stainless steel plate is also very good, but its texture and cost are relatively high, so the number of people is still relatively small.

The    paint board has a good moisture resistance because the surface is processed, so it is a good choice to use in cabinets or bathroom vanity, but it is more expensive and afraid of bumps.

  Compared with the paint board, although the paint-free board is not as waterproof as the paint board, it has advantages in overall performance and price, so it is more used in home decoration.

   In summary, there are four commonly used PVC boards, paint-free boards, paint-baking boards, and stainless steel boards. You can choose the right board based on your budget and needs.


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