What to pay attention to when choosing a custom wardrobe

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-30

The way of tailor-made wardrobes has become the best choice for more and more consumers. Compared with finished wardrobes, customized wardrobes are more flexible and changeable, but there are actually many points that need to be paid attention to in customized wardrobes. The following editor Let me tell you a good story.

1. Focus on branding

First of all, we should choose a trustworthy brand when choosing a wardrobe. After all, a wardrobe is a very commonly used furniture in the home, so its quality is very important. In the production process of the overall wardrobe, it is inevitable that there will be problems such as uneven quality and non-compliance with environmental protection standards. Branded wardrobes are more guaranteed in this regard, so the brand is still very important.

2. Pay attention to the base material

wardrobe customization

In addition to the brand, the other is the problem of the board of the wardrobe. The boards selected for a good cabinet body are all in line with the nationally recognized green environmental protection standards. When purchasing panels, you must look at the environmental protection certificate of the wardrobe, and then look at the formaldehyde emission. The formaldehyde emission is lower than 0.8mg/L. Such panels are of good quality and environmentally friendly.

3. Look at the manufacturing material and wear resistance of the pulley

The pulley is a very important accessory of the wardrobe. Its material and wear resistance have a great relationship with the service life of the wall cabinet. If the quality of the cabinet pulley is not good, it will be a headache for the user, so the quality of the pulley must be see clearly.

4. Practical and beautiful

The aesthetics of the wardrobe is also very important. It is not only used to store the wardrobe, but also an important decoration of the room. Therefore, the choice of wardrobe should also pay attention to aesthetics, so as to be consistent with the style of the bedroom.

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