What should I do if the solid wood bathroom cabinet cracks?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-26

  The natural and environmentally friendly solid wood bathroom cabinet reveals the beauty of nature and primitiveness. Together with its enduring durability and high collection value, it has always been popular among mid- to high-end consumers. However, some users of solid wood bathroom vanity expressed that they are troubled by the cracking problem of solid wood bathroom cabinets. What causes the cracking? Is there really a problem with the quality of the bathroom cabinet brand?

  Revelation 1: Does the solid wood bathroom cabinet crack indicate that there is a problem with the quality of the bathroom vanity?

   Many friends think that if the solid wood bathroom vanity cracks, the solid wood must be fake. In fact, even if it is real solid wood furniture, cracking is inevitable. Even the priceless red sandalwood furniture will crack when exhibited in the Forbidden City, which also needs to be repaired.

   Secret Two: Count the four reasons why solid wood bathroom cabinets cracked

   Reason 1: Solid wood moisture content problem

The moisture content of    solid wood furniture is not well controlled, and quality problems such as cracking and deformation will occur.

   Reason 2: Due to the weather

The moisture content of    solid wood bathroom cabinets is required to be one to two percentage points lower than the actual average moisture content of the air. Due to the difference in geographical location, the climate and weather in our country are also different, so the moisture content requirements of solid wood bathroom cabinets are also different. For example, the annual average moisture content of Beijing is 11.4%, so the moisture content of solid wood bathroom cabinets should be controlled at 10.4% or 9.4%; the average moisture content of southern air is 14%, and 12% to 13% is required. Therefore, after some southern solid wood bathroom vanity are shipped to the north, cracks may occur.

   Reason 3: Improper use

   Some friends don’t take good care of the expensive solid wood bathroom cabinets. They put it in the bedroom by the window to let the 'baby' endure the sun exposure, or wipe the dust with an overly moist towel, and move the bathroom cabinet at will. Damaged bathroom cabinet frame, etc. These will affect the durability of the bathroom cabinet.

   Reason 4: Transportation damage

   will inevitably be bumped during transportation. In addition to the weather, the transportation of solid wood furniture is even more difficult. Although solid wood bathroom vanity are more 'firm' than bathroom cabinets made of other materials, they are hard to be spared if they are not maintained well.

   Secret Three: How to rescue the cracked solid wood bathroom cabinet?

   If it is judged by the naked eye that there are no micro cracks, it is very easy to solve. Use 502 glue to drop along the cracks, and then use a blade to gently scrape off the excess glue, but pay attention Don't hurt the paint surface of the furniture with a blade.

   If it is a small crack that has been cracked, the treatment will be relatively complicated. Two emergency remedies are provided for your reference only.

   1. Boil the old books and newspapers cut into scraps, an appropriate amount of alum, and water to form a paste, carefully insert them into the cracks, and wait for it to solidify.

  2. Stir the white glue + sawdust evenly, insert it into the gap, and polish it with sandpaper after a day and night.

   Of course, the above are just remedies for minor cracks. If you encounter a large crack, you must ask a professional to repair it.

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