What should I do if the edge of the basin of the bathroom cabinet is black and yellow?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-30

   This situation is often encountered in life. Not long after the new house is decorated and moved in, the countertops, sinks, bathroom vanity sinks, countertops and other places of the cabinets will appear black and yellow, which will affect the appearance.

   This is caused by damp glass glue! However, when you find that the neutral transparent glue turns yellow, you are at a loss! why! Because the neutral transparent glue did not touch the water stains, it kept dry all the time. I don't know what caused it, it turned yellow! Neutral transparent glass glue is different from general glass glue. The main reason for its yellowing is due to certain defects in the glass glue glue itself.

   This yellowing phenomenon is caused by the cross-linking agent and tackifier in the neutral rubber. The reason is that these two raw materials have 'amino groups'. In nature, the amine groups are very easy to occur in the air. Reaction, so the amine group is easy to turn yellow (even if it is imported, it is determined by the nature of the amine group, and it is not imported, there is no necessary connection); in addition, if the neutral transparent glue is mixed with acid glass glue If used, it will also cause the transparent glue to turn yellow; the transparent glue has been used for a long time, and the matrix in the glass glue will react with the substrate for a long time, which will also cause the transparent glass glue to turn yellow.

How do we deal with the yellowish edge of   ?

The editor of    recommends that kitchens, bathrooms and other places where glass glue is used instead use beautifying agent. The strength of the beauty joint agent is higher than that of the glass glue, the service life is longer than the service life of the glass glue, and the aesthetics is higher. When buying beauty sutures, everyone also buys big-name products. Because of the high quality, you must not save money in these places.

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