What should I do if the bathroom cabinet does not close after being used for a long time?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-26

   bathroom vanity are relatively large in size. The same product often uses multiple materials, such as wood, ceramics, hardware, and glass, so different details have different maintenance techniques.

  The main body of the bathroom vanity used in the family is made of solid wood and PVC board. Although this kind of bathroom cabinets are treated with special processes such as moisture-proof and insect-proof, the bathroom is wet after all, and after a long time, it is still easy to rot and deform. In daily use, it is best to separate the bathroom from wet and dry. If the effect is not good, wipe the bathroom vanity with a dry cloth to remove water stains. There are also many soap stains in the bathroom, which will be sprayed on the bathroom cabinet. You can use a rag sprayed with cleaning fluid to wipe along the texture of the wood to avoid leaving stains in the cracks. Remember to use a corrosive cleaning solution here. If conditions permit, you can also wax regularly.

  The bathroom countertops are mostly made of marble, ceramics and other materials, which are relatively easy to take care of. After long-term use, some scale may be left behind. You can cut a few slices of lemon and gently wipe the surface of the basin, let it stand for one to two minutes, and then rinse with clean water, the basin will be as bright as new. If the stain is stubborn, it is recommended to use a special detergent and wipe it repeatedly until it is clean.

  The hardware of bathroom vanity mainly include door handles, door hinges, door hinges, etc. These parts are relatively small and easy to be overlooked by us, so we need to pay special attention. Especially the hinges and hinges, if they are not cleaned regularly and kept dry, it is prone to the problems mentioned above, such as the unsmooth opening of the sliding door and the failure of the cabinet door to close. When cleaning, avoid strong acid which is easy to sprinkle directly on the hardware.

   Now most of the bathroom vanity have mirrors to help us organize our makeup. If the bathroom mirror and the cabinet are separated, do not move the position easily after installation, so as not to hurt people due to impact. If stains appear on the mirror surface, use glass cleaner to wipe the mirror surface. Wipe it with a dry cloth or newspaper to let the mirror shine brightly. Of course, some high-end bathroom mirrors are now fogged, and you can simply wipe them regularly.

   faucet is also a very important accessory on the bathroom cabinet, and it is used very frequently. Therefore, during installation, attention should be paid to removing impurities in the pipeline to avoid blockage. Some high-end faucets also have a filter faucet net cover at the water outlet, which can be removed and cleaned regularly. The faucet is easy to be stained with detergent, soap and other stains, so it can be wiped with warm water. The surface of the faucet is chrome-plated. Do not use a sharp brush to clean it, so as not to damage the plating. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, acids or bleach, or abrasive cleaners.

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