What should be paid attention to in the customized measurement of the whole house

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-21

There are two ways to choose furniture in most homes today: one is to order from a professional factory, and the other is to find a carpenter to make it! Are many homeowners curious about which method is better? Let’s listen to it below My analysis, I firmly believe that after reading it, you will find the answer~

1. Hemming

Woodworking furniture: It is an indescribable pain in the woodworking wardrobe, and it cannot be solved perfectly. Not only is the surface uneven, which affects the appearance, but it is too loose, and the environmental protection is worrying.

2. Talent

The furniture of the whole house is customized with solid wood particle board, ecological board, solid wood multi-layer board and other boards to ensure the quality of each customized furniture!

Finger-joint boards are widely used in carpentry on-site. Because woodworking machinery and equipment cannot use solid wood particle boards to make wooden cabinets on the spot! It is easy to burst the edges with a hand saw, which is also the disadvantage of not having edge wrapping.

3. All-ceramic veneer

Woodworking furniture: Generally, a lot of glue is used to cater for it. Whether the flatness and glue are environmentally friendly is easy to be ignored, and you need to pay attention to the wooden cabinets yourself.

Customized furniture: The production line, all-ceramic veneer and superglue are all under strict quality assurance. The overall quality can be grasped from the qualification certificate, and the cycle time of authorization and approval must also be paid attention to.

4. Processing technology

Woodworking furniture: furniture made on site, even if the samples you see are okay, the final effect depends entirely on the craftsmanship of the woodworkers on site.

Custom-made furniture: Due to the requirement of a certain production capacity and production and processing quality, the precision of the product is generally required to be high, and the hemming must be well combined and beautiful, so that the efficiency and accuracy of installation can be improved.

5. Environmental pollution problems

Woodworking furniture: For furniture made on site, urine-formaldehyde glue is often used inside the commonly used woodworking boards, and the formaldehyde concentration is high, especially when the owner is present, in order to better show that the items made on site are firm, there may be more Apply some super glue, but the formaldehyde concentration of the furniture made in that way has reached a level.

Customized furniture: Because my country has mandatory environmental protection ratings for wood-based panel products, we aim to provide more environmentally friendly and healthier home environments for many homeowners!

7. After-sales service

Woodworking furniture: Most of the installation teams are usually invisible after installation, and there is basically no after-sales service. Installation engineering companies generally provide after-sales maintenance services, but most of them cannot immediately.

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