What problems should we pay attention to when customizing cabinets?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-25

It is a good thing to decorate a new house, because it will be more convenient to live in the new house after renovation. And the kitchen decoration of the family house is very important. When many people choose cabinet customization, they will encounter some problems more or less, and leave regrets. This shows that cabinet customization is also a very cumbersome thing. There are many small details that need to be paid attention to. Now many owners choose customization Whole cabinets. Do you know the precautions for customizing the overall cabinets in the kitchen decoration? Let's see.

1. Overall cabinets for kitchen decoration: Do not use low-quality boards cheaply.

Poor-quality boards are prone to pungent odors, and formaldehyde exceeds the standard (there are two national standards: Construction Committee: 0.08mg/m3; Ministry of Health: 0.10mg/m3). Therefore, the quality of the cabinet depends largely on the quality of the material. In addition to panels, cabinet boards and adhesives need to undergo environmental treatment to remove formaldehyde to ensure that the content of various harmful substances does not exceed the standard.

2. Overall cabinets for kitchen decoration: The quality of hardware affects the overall quality.

The hardware on the cabinet is the most important part of the overall kitchen, which directly affects the overall quality of the cabinet. Based on years of experience in the foreign cabinet industry, hardware quality has become an important criterion for distinguishing cabinets. Consumers can pay attention when customizing cabinets.

3. Overall cabinets for kitchen decoration: the appearance is gorgeous but not energy-saving.

The sink directly affects the use of tap water. The double water tank can separate soaking and washing, and the water consumption is more reasonable. In addition, the gas stove should be as far away as possible from the air outlet. If it is installed near the door, the gas will be affected by the flowing air and cannot be absorbed intensively during use, thus affecting the work of the range hood. Also, the cabinets take up too much floor space. Besides wasting water and electricity, it will also make the kitchen very crowded. Therefore, the appropriate size should be set according to the kitchen area.

4. Overall cabinets for kitchen decoration: should be considered comprehensively, emphasizing practical 'customized' cabinets. Not only should the operation area be reasonably arranged in combination with the operation process, but also the table height of the operation table (determined according to the specific height of the owner, generally around 80 cm), the height and thickness of the cabinet (50-60 cm is appropriate), and the brightness of the light (more preferably soft warm color system), other issues should be considered comprehensively.

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