What problems should be paid attention to when installing bathroom cabinets?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-19

This bathroom vanity is about ergonomics and related subject knowledge. If done poorly, it can lead to backache and leg cramps. That being the case, let's take a look at the most common standard sizes of bathroom cabinets. The most common standard size of standard size bathroom cabinets is from 80cm to 100cm in length and from 45cm to 50cm in width. Just adjust it according to the actual situation at home. For ordinary people, the size of the bathroom is basically fixed, and the area is not much different. For super large bathroom cabinets and super ultra small bathroom cabinets, they are rare in the market, so they are made according to standard sizes. There are relatively many bathroom cabinets. Of course, in addition to the standard size, there are also 120 cm. Different styles of bathroom cabinets have different sizes.
Regarding the installation height, the installation heights of different reference objects are also different:

The distance between the countertop and the ground: 1. The installation height standard of the floor-standing bathroom cabinet is that the distance between the highest point of the bathroom cabinet and the ground is between 80 cm and 85 cm; 2. The installation height standard of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is the highest height of the bathroom cabinet. The point surface room varies from 40 cm to 50 cm from the ground. Installation process 1. When installing, select the installation location, measure the height with a tape measure and mark it. 2. Install the main cabinet at the marked position by air drilling first. 3. Install the washbasin and fix it with glass glue. Then install the faucet, then the drain. 4. Install mirrors and shelves. The installation is complete.

Note: Confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, first determine the installation location of the bathroom cabinet. Since the installation of the bathroom cabinet needs to open holes in the wall, water intake and drainage are required. Holes, once installed, generally cannot move the position, confirming the installation position of the bathroom cabinet is a prerequisite before installation. 2. After determining the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation location. 3. Find the piping diagram of the water pipe and the wiring diagram of the wire. When installing, you need to drill holes in the wall and use air holes. It is very important to confirm the piping diagram and wiring diagram before installation. Bricks, causing unnecessary losses. So this is why the owner must be required to keep the hydropower construction drawings after the hydropower construction is completed. 4. Confirm that the installation height of the bathroom cabinet is as above. The height needs to be calculated from the floor tiles to the upper part of the washbasin. The actual installation height should also be determined according to the height and usage habits of family members, but it is most suitable within the standard height range.

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