What material is good for the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-02

  The bathroom vanity manufacturer tells you: what material is the bathroom vanity?

   There are many types of bathroom vanity materials: PVC, polished board, glass, oak, etc. dozens of kinds. There are two types of oak: generally divided into domestic and imported. The domestic ones are mainly in Hainan and Yunnan; the imported ones are mainly Malaysia and Thailand. Domestic oak is not as good as imported oak in quality and gloss. In addition, oak can be divided into three grades: A board, B board, and C board. The A board has the best quality, basically no nodes and knots on the board, and the flatness is also excellent. Strong waterproof and crack resistance. There are more nodes and knots on the B and C boards, and there is no smoothness on the A board.

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