What material is better for the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-02

   Currently, the bathroom cabinets on the market are mainly made of solid wood and multilayer solid wood, followed by wood-based panels (fiberboard, particleboard, etc.), and PVC. In addition, some bathroom cabinets are made of metal materials (stainless steel and aluminum). What material is better for the bathroom vanity?

  Solid wood

  Solid wood board is a board made of intact logs. The advantages of solid wood are natural environmental protection, hard texture, suitable for all kinds of carvings, so the antique bathroom cabinets are all solid wood. However, the shortcomings of solid wood are also very obvious. Because of the characteristics of wood, it is easy to crack in a dry environment, and this is not a quality problem, because many businesses are not responsible for after-sales cracking caused by the environment.

  Multilayer solid wood

  Multi-layer solid wood is made by cutting natural logs into planks and then pressing them through processes such as crisscrossing, high temperature and high pressure. From the perspective of material composition, multilayer solid wood can also be regarded as solid wood. The advantage of multi-layer solid wood is that it retains the high-end quality of solid wood, but also overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood that is easy to crack, and has stronger anti-deformation and anti-cracking performance. The disadvantage of multi-layer solid wood is that glue is used, and many people are worried about pollution.

  Man-made board

  Man-made panels are made from wood or other non-wood plants after processing. The advantages of wood-based panels are low cost, stable physical and mechanical properties, and small deformation due to weather. The disadvantage is that the water resistance is relatively poor, and glue is also used, but many big brand wardrobes also use wood-based panels. It is not necessarily that wood-based panels are not environmentally friendly. It also depends on the glue and quality control used.


  PVC is a kind of chemical board. The advantage is that the material is light, waterproof and moisture-proof, and will not crack. The disadvantage is that chemical panels, relatively speaking, will release more harmful substances, and PVC bathroom cabinets have poor bearing capacity, are easily deformed, and are not durable. It is not recommended to use them if the home is decorated.


  Metal bathroom cabinets are mainly made of stainless steel and aluminum. The advantages are waterproof and moisture-proof, durable, and hardness and strength that other plates can’t reach. The disadvantage is that the metal is corroded and the structure is poor, so the metal bathroom vanity are relatively simple in style and lack beautiful.


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