What kind of office furniture does the office usually need and how to choose?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-05

Before buying and selling office furniture, we should have a concept. First of all, we should know that office furniture is not office supplies. Office furniture refers to furniture; office supplies refer to auxiliary supplies that people use in their daily work. Office supplies are mainly used for business orders. What kind of office furniture do you usually need in the office and how to choose? The home editor will tell you.

After each company chooses an office space, it is necessary to consider purchasing office furniture. The quality of office furniture configuration directly affects the office efficiency of employees and the image of the entire enterprise. Therefore, the configuration of office furniture is a very important thing. What office furniture is typically needed for an office space.

1. Front desk

As the facade of the office, the front desk can leave a crucial first impression on the first-time cooperators. The shape and taste of the front desk can often reflect the style of the enterprise, so we must be cautious. Therefore, when choosing the front desk, we must choose the shape that matches our corporate positioning. It is better to have enough storage space to avoid messy and crowded desktops and leave a good impression on others.

2. Office chairs

Office desks and chairs are the most basic office furniture in the office area. We must choose one that is comfortable and easy to use, so that employees can have a comfortable experience and effectively improve work efficiency. If the design of office desks and chairs is not good, it will have a certain impact on the cervical spine and vision of employees during use. Also, for a new company, many desks and chairs may be unused, but they take up space. You may wish to choose the folding table of Shanjia Office Furniture, which can be folded when not in use to save space.

3. Office bookshelves

Companies will have a lot of data and files. If there is no office bookshelf, the storage of this data will become a big problem. Therefore, the use of office bookshelves can well classify and manage data and files, protect important files and materials, and avoid the problem of too messy office space.

4. Office coffee table

The office coffee table is generally placed in the reception room of the enterprise, so that customers can be better received and customers can feel at home. At the same time, for some leaders' offices, the logistics department usually configures office coffee tables so that the leaders can take a proper rest in their spare time and better receive customers.

5. Office sofa

It is generally used in conjunction with the above-mentioned office coffee table to provide a better experience for leaders and customers. Of course, the company can also equip some in the employee rest area, so that employees can not only get a better rest during the break time, but also facilitate communication between employees and deepen the relationship between colleagues.

Office furniture is a must-have office supplies for every company, so how to choose office furniture?

1. Materials should be environmentally friendly

For office workers, most of the time is spent in the office area, so when choosing and using products, we must pay attention to the environmental protection of materials to avoid physical and mental harm. When purchasing, we can ask merchants to present relevant quality inspection reports to ensure that the purchased office furniture is healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. The smell will not be irritating

Generally speaking, environmentally friendly products have no smell, so when you buy them, you might as well smell them carefully to see if they have a pungent smell. Generally speaking, the heavier the pungent smell, the higher the formaldehyde content. Of course, some office furniture is not qualified even if it is not of high taste. Therefore, before buying, you must ask the office furniture manufacturer to show the relevant environmental protection certificate

3. The paint should be smooth

When purchasing, you may wish to touch the surface of the product with your hands to see if it is smooth. If wrinkles appear, the surface may be peeling from the paint. At the same time, when buying, you should make sure that the four feet of the product are flat enough and can be detected by shaking. If there is a sound, it means that this kind of office furniture may not be firm.

As we all know, the moisture content of wood products is directly related to the place of origin. Therefore, when purchasing, it is better to choose products with higher drying process. Otherwise, if the water content exceeds 1% of the average water content in the area of ​​use, it will be very easy to crack, deform, disperse and warp.

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