What kind of board is good for bathroom cabinets?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-22

1. Stainless steel plate
It is made of high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials through multiple processes. Various styles, unique design, environmental protection, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, waterproof and will not produce any harmful substances, beautiful and durable, stainless steel plate can be recycled and reused. Commonly used plates are 202#, 304#, 201# and other specifications. Yixuan stainless steel bathroom cabinet The bathroom cabinet adopts special effects such as colored stainless steel and imitation wood grain stainless steel, and the colors are lifelike.

2. Particleboard
It is most commonly used in some cheap computer desks and furniture and kitchen utensils. It is low cost, processed from woodworking waste, and has high water absorption. It can be distinguished from the openings and interfaces, as well as the edges of the board. Manufacturers often apply anti-authentic paper, veneers, plastic leather, wrap the edges with other materials, and then paint them in various colors. Unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers often use such products on the grounds that the appearance of products such as solid wood products is counterfeit and buyers do not understand the raw materials.

3. Oak board
Oak has a unique wood grain, and the heartwood is corrosion-resistant, high-density, hard, and belongs to the hardwood category. Household items made of oak have the advantages of dignity, stability and nobility of mahogany furniture. But the price is much lower than mahogany. Due to the many advantages of oak, this material is widely used to make beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, floors, outdoor wooden bridges, etc. It is the most ideal material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak can be divided into white oak and red oak according to color. my country's output is very small, and it is generally imported from the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.

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