What is the whole house customization process?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-07

The customization process of the whole house furniture is more complicated, and the finished product will make customers ignore the previous troubles. First of all, understand the number of concierge services, be familiar with the home environment, determine the size and placement of furniture, and communicate with the designer during the measurement process to complete the customization of interior furniture. Meet the designer's design requirements.

Process 2-offline experience and design plan confirmation Custom furniture, design effect and overall style are very important. After the measuring ruler is completed, the whole house will be customized, and the designer will design a 3D rendering of the whole house according to the requirements. It is necessary to go to the store to experience the physical product, understand the process, fully communicate and confirm the design plan. Important link. Know whether the space of the design renderings is fully utilized, whether the color matching is reasonable, and whether the product pattern is convenient for daily use and operation.

Process 3 - Sheet Metal and Hardware Selection vs. Customization Process Selecting materials for whole house furniture customization is a very critical and serious matter. If customers have high requirements on materials, such as material quality, environmental performance, etc., employees will communicate with customers in detail to resolve doubts, and it is very important to respect customers' own choices. Except for the selection of hardware accessories, the staff only gives suggestions and relies on the customer's free choice. Custom furniture still returns to the panels of the product itself, so choosing panels is key. Three main criteria for evaluating the quality of printing plates: 1. Water swelling resistance. 2. Static curvature and resistance to deformation. 3. Formaldehyde release, which is an environmental protection issue we are concerned about. The standards for custom furniture are rather confusing. When understanding and confirming, you must have a detailed understanding of the workmanship and process standards of the product. Different process standards directly affect its service life. Mainly compare the customization process: 1. The material of the sheet substrate. 2. Whether the board is sealed on all four sides. 3. Whether to adopt the slot structure. 4. Whether to use a thick backboard or a thin quilt board.

Process 4 Production After the designer measures the size of the room, he designs furniture drawings and effects, communicates with customers, customizes furniture, understands customer satisfaction, and customizes furniture. Employees will place orders at the factory with no disruption to customers' lives. From time to time, we can communicate with designers about the whole production process of home furniture.

Handle 5 door-to-door installations After the furniture is customized in the factory, the customized customer service staff will call the customer. The crew delivers the goods to the door and arranges for installers to install the furniture throughout the home until the client is satisfied. We will also send you the customized maintenance method of the whole house furniture for customers' daily maintenance.

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