What is the difference between whole house customization and traditional decoration

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-07

With the continuous development of the economy of the times, people are increasingly pursuing high-quality life, breaking away from the original traditional interior decoration methods, and more people choose the whole house custom design service, pursuing humanization and fashion sense , so what is the difference between whole house customization and traditional style?

Can design the space according to the furniture

Generally, when funds permit, everyone will hand over some small furniture such as shoe racks and Duobaoge to the decoration company for convenience, thinking that this will not only save costs, but also avoid the cost of their own purchases Difficulty with furniture specifications not fitting. However, the furniture made by decoration companies on the spot pays too much attention to practical functions, which cannot meet the needs of consumers for stylish furniture. If this kind of furniture is ordered in advance before the decoration, this kind of trouble will be avoided, because the building structure is more flexible now, and many spaces can be connected and partitioned at will.

reduce excess expenditure

Customized furniture is a way to effectively control the cost of decoration. Anyone who has decorated knows that most of the decoration styles exceed the original cost budget, because there are often some secondary constructions that cannot be borrowed in the whole decoration process, for example, many wooden cabinets will be added for no reason, which consumes labor and materials Of course, it is too much. Needless to say, the construction period will be extended, and more money will be paid, which cannot be reflected in the initial quotation of the decoration company.

And after choosing the furniture, you actually used up a very large sum of the decoration cost, and the basic format has been determined, and the rest is only handed over to the decoration company to do part of the basic project, which will avoid causing damage A lot of redundant secondary construction. Many people spend a lot on decoration, but when they buy custom-made furniture, they find that they don’t have much money. They can only buy some cheap furniture that doesn’t match the decoration style. .

more ergonomic design

Scientific research on the overall planning of custom-made furniture in the whole house fully considers the comfort of the application. According to the personalized overall planning of ergonomics, starting from the basic principles of ergonomics, the most effective hydraulic standards for human comfort are selected to ease the labor efficiency of customers and facilitate application. . Most of the commercial furniture that everyone usually buys is produced according to standardized standards. An overly unified overall design cannot meet the application requirements of different groups. Custom-made furniture has a more accurate grasp of furniture specifications and overall planning is more accurate. Meet the user's requirements and avoid fatigue that may be caused by long-term use.

Ultimate handling of deformed spaces

In home decoration, it often happens that various deformed spaces cannot be installed. Such spaces either require large-scale engineering projects to reshape the structure, or the load-bearing structure cannot be modified. How to do such a space will cause a lot of trouble for interior decoration, and the custom-made furniture for the whole house can properly handle this originally deformed space. After comprehensively planning all kinds of dispensable spaces such as roof beams, house columns, inclined guide columns, and recesses, not only can all the space be used to achieve space expansion, but the overall unity and beauty of the space can also be cherished.

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