What is the Difference Between Glass and Ceramic?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-15

It's a good question to point out the difference, since glass is traditionally considered a type of ceramic.

Ceramics are usually compounds between metals and nonmetals. This includes metal oxides, metal carbides, metal nitrides, and the like. Bonding between metals and nonmetals in ceramics ranges from fully ionic to fully covalent and everything in between. glass basin maker

There are different types of ceramics such as glass, porcelain, clay, refractory, cement, etc... Glasses are a type of ceramic. Glasses are ultra-cold liquids. They usually start out as liquids at higher temperatures, and when you cool them down slowly, they form a crystalline structure like any other material. The key to forming glass is the rate of cooling. You need to apply supercooling or the cooling must be so fast that the molecules don't have time to settle to form crystals. This gives us an amorphous structure. The bonding between atoms is highly disordered, and this disorder at the grain boundaries gives the glass its optical properties.

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