What is the appropriate size of the bathroom countertop?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-30

What is the appropriate size of the bathroom countertop?

   There are many types and styles, and different types of bathroom vanity have different countertop sizes. Generally speaking, the countertop dimensions of common bathroom vanity are roughly as follows: length 800mm-1000mm; width 450mm-500mm; height about 80-850mm. In addition to these commonly used standard sizes, if you have special requirements, we can also customize them. Generally speaking, European-style and simple-European bathroom cabinets are larger in size. Most of them need to add side cabinets, the length can reach about 1600mm.

How to maintain    bathroom cabinet?

  1. When we are carrying, we should lift and put as much as possible, and do not use excessive force or drag. When placing, we should try our best to ensure the quality of the floor. If the floor is uneven, we should level the floor to ensure the stability of the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom cabinet should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be excessively placed in a dry place, it should be placed in a ventilated place. Once the bathroom cabinet has cracks, we can mix it with paints and pigments to avoid leaving scars.

  2. We should try our best to keep cigarette butts, open flames, etc. away from the bathroom cabinet to prevent them from leaving scorch marks on the surface of the bathroom cabinet. If the surface of the bathroom cabinet is scorched, we can wrap it with a fine-grained hard cloth, gently wipe the trace, and then apply a thin layer of vinegar to eliminate the scorch. For scald marks, we generally only need to wipe them with a damp cloth moistened with alcohol, toilet water, or kerosene. For water stain marks, we can cover the marks on the bathroom cabinet with a wet cloth, and press the wet cloth carefully with an electric iron, and the marks will disappear.

  3. If the lacquer on its surface is worn or scratched, but the degree of paint fall is not serious, we can use crayons or paints of the same color as the bathroom cabinet to paint on the wound surface of the bathroom cabinet , To cover the exposed base color, and then apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish. Usually we also need to use a soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the bathroom vanity.


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