What is the appropriate size of the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-13

   1. What is the general size of the bathroom cabinet?

The common standard size of    bathroom cabinets is 800mm-1000mm in length and 450mm-500mm in width. Very large bathroom cabinets and ultra-small bathroom cabinets are rare in the market. Relatively speaking, the size of European and simple European bathroom cabinets is larger, and most of them need to add side cabinets, even reaching 1600mm.

  The mirror cabinet is generally installed in the middle of the main cabinet, with the two sides retracted by 50mm~100mm, and the height is about 250mm.

   2. What types of bathroom cabinets are there?

  1, divided by material

   With the continuous development of modern manufacturing technology, there are more and more raw materials for manufacturing bathroom cabinets, roughly including PVC, solid wood, multilayer board, stainless steel and aluminum alloy bathroom cabinets.

  PVC bathroom cabinets have good mildew-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof functions, and are very suitable for environments with high water vapor and heavy humidity. The waterproof and moisture-proof effect of solid wood bathroom cabinets is much worse. There are two types of multi-layer board cabinets: painted and unpainted, and the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is also not good. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets and aluminum alloy bathroom cabinets are classified as metal cabinets. Pay attention to whether they are rusty or not. manufacturer, bathroom cabinet manufacturer, Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturer

  2, divided by function

   are distinguished by storage function: the overall bathroom vanity includes a main cabinet and a mirror cabinet. The storage function is strong, but it occupies a large area and is suitable for a bathroom with a large space; the combined bathroom cabinet has a relatively large size. Small, but with strong storage function, it is very suitable for small toilets with a small area.

  3. According to installation points

   bathroom cabinets can be divided into wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and floor-mounted bathroom vanity according to different installation methods. Wall-mounted bathroom vanity are to install the bathroom vanity on the wall, which requires high requirements for the wall in the bathroom. Generally, the wall is required to be a load-bearing wall, which can make full use of the space, and the bottom hanging is also conducive to cleaning. Floor-standing bathroom cabinets do not have high requirements on the wall, do not require additional treatment on the wall, and take up a certain amount of space.

  4. According to style

   bathroom cabinet styles include classic style, modern classic style, simple fashion style, Mediterranean style, etc. Classical styles are divided into Chinese classics, European classics, and American classics; modern styles are quite satisfactory.

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