What is the appropriate height to install the bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-08

  The bathroom cabinet is a very important part of our home bathroom, so what is the appropriate height for its installation? Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturers will discuss with you.

1. The general installation height of the bathroom cabinet is 80 cm. This size can be adjusted according to the height of our family. If the height of the family is relatively high, the size can be adjusted appropriately, and the height should be adjusted appropriately. Generally it is more than ten centimeters below the elbow and above the wrist.

  2. The width of the bathroom cabinet is more than 80 cm, and it is more comfortable to use. The space for the two elbows is mainly considered to avoid the occurrence of bumps. It is recommended that the horizontal movement space of the bathroom vanity be above 90 cm.

A space of at least 65 cm should be reserved in front of the bathroom cabinet. If the body is too fat, it needs to be widened. The main consideration is the space for the hips when bending over.

   3. A five-hole socket should be installed near the bathroom cabinet to facilitate the use of electric hair dryers, shavers and other electrical appliances. Install mirror lights to increase local lighting, which is convenient for makeup and grooming.

   Before installing the cabinet, consider some detailed arrangements, such as the installation of towel bars and racks, so as not to affect the use of bathroom vanity, and to avoid collisions, use it smoothly. Generally installed on the right hand side.

   If you want to be convenient to use, you need to consider ergonomics, according to the height and weight of the family, the use habits of the left and right hands, and leave enough space for use. Adapt measures to local conditions and put people first.

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