What details should be paid attention to when customizing furniture for the whole house

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-22

When we design and decorate, we should establish the interior decoration style of the home according to the daily life style and personal hobbies. If you choose a good style, you can instantly enhance the mood of the whole home; if you don't choose a good style, it will look contrary. In addition, the choice of furniture customization is also closely related to the size of the room type. Generally, the larger room type space does not have too many requirements for the color of the board.

There are differences between custom furniture and finished furniture before the order is submitted. Consumers have to enter the store to choose styles, raw materials, and hardware accessories first, and then determine how to charge; after confirming the purchase, the staff will come to the door for accurate measurement at the promised time, and determine the final price, and then communicate with consumers After signing the contract, it enters the stage of announcing and submitting the order for production and manufacturing.

Effective use of limited space has become the main reason why most consumers choose custom-made furniture. The uniqueness of the specifications and the diversification of requirements put forward higher requirements for the production of furniture. But to order some furniture with different specifications, the processing factory needs to deploy machinery and equipment, cut materials again, and make new samples, which will take more time and effort. At the same time, ensure the accuracy of design quality and price

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