What can be done in the corner of the wardrobe

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-23

As a big piece in the home improvement process, the wardrobe takes up a lot of space in our bedroom. We have also talked about many wardrobe choices and interior designs before, including the color choice of cabinet doors, interior detail design, overall storage and organization, and so on.

Today, let’s talk about the corner treatment of the wardrobe. In addition to the built-in custom wardrobe, our daily wardrobe will have obvious corners. Some friends directly choose the one-piece design, which is more integrated, and the effect of storing and covering dust is more obvious. If it is not a one-piece style design, what can we do with our corners?

A common style, rounded corner design.

Compared with directly making a square shape, the rounded corner design makes the transition of space and line of sight more natural. The rounded corner style can also reduce the probability of our daily bumps, especially children, there will always be some bumps. And relatively speaking, right-angle bumps cause more damage to us.

The rounded arc style forms a natural transition effect and has a higher decorative effect. The open design can also carry many random items or decorations to enhance the overall living quality of the bedroom.

Another obvious benefit is to increase the convenience of storage. The storage of our wardrobe is not only large pieces of clothes, quilts, etc., but also some scattered small objects and accessories. It comes in handy and is easy to carry. Leaving aside these, commonly used bags, books that are often read, and water glasses that you want to drink when you get up in the middle of the night can all be placed here.

The second is to set the groove style.

The groove is set here, which can be used as a secondary clothes cleaning area in the bedroom, daily pajamas, coats that do not need to be washed after wearing, etc. With this, the bedroom can also bid farewell to a 'chairman's clothes' chair.

There are also small partners who like to make up while standing, and set up a partition shelf in the groove, and place the required items in different categories, so that the space utilization rate is higher. Of course, this partition shelf can also be a place to place books, so that the bookshelf and the wardrobe are combined into one.

Or consider the third option, leaving space on one side of the closet and installing a desk, where children can read and write daily. This design is very suitable for bedrooms with small space and no place to put a desk.

Referring to the several methods mentioned above, in general, the decoration and practicality have also been reflected to a certain extent, and to a certain extent, it also brings a visual buffering feeling, saying goodbye to the depression of entering the door and facing the corner. However, the details can still be adjusted based on the actual situation and needs of the home to create a more comfortable living environment for yourself.

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