What board to choose for a custom wardrobe?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-30

To customize the wardrobe, what kind of wardrobe board needs to be used, and it needs to be discussed according to the material, price and quality standards. Next, the solid wood wardrobe manufacturer will show you in detail.

1. The environmental protection of custom wardrobe boards is not determined by well-known brands. Measured by formaldehyde-free sheet glue. In other words, it depends on whether the plate maker develops or purchases formaldehyde-free plate glue, and whether it uses or completely uses formaldehyde-free glue to paste and press the plate. First, review the detection report

2. Touch the flatness of the surface of the wardrobe panel. If it feels uneven, or stiff, not full, or sunken, it means that there are holes, gaps in the slats, or debris under the panel, the quality of the slats is too poor, and there is too much putty. Thick and thick boards with a full surface; the bond line is a straight line. If it is not a straight line, the surface of the board must not be flat. The quality of the plates is not good. The main reason for the uneven surface of the board is the slats.

3. The thickness of the wardrobe board is inconsistent, which also affects the waterproofness of the custom wardrobe board. Pour some water on the surface of the plate and wipe it repeatedly after 10 minutes to see if the surface is wrinkled or glued. If these phenomena appear, it is a garbage board. Because the service life of the steel plate is directly related to its water resistance. Good water resistance, long life, otherwise short. These are related to the quality of custom wardrobes.

4. Look at the thickness of the glued board of the custom wardrobe board. If the glued board is thinner (if the glued board is less than 1.5mm, the load capacity is not large; if the glued board is less than 1mm, it is a short-lived board), the worse the load capacity, and it is not durable, it is a short-lived board trash board. On the contrary, the plate (larger than 1.5mm) has better load-bearing performance and longer service life. Then check for gaps and adhesion between kanban strips. The method is to move the whole board halfway, hang it in the air and fix it, and then press down hard to feel whether it is strong.

5. The custom closets are clean and beautiful. If stained, folded or voided, peeled off, scarred or damaged, it is secondary board. Good or qualified steel plates do not have such problems.

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