What are the three dimensions of the rapid development of customized home furnishing?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-02

With the development of home furnishing, home furnishing customization has gradually penetrated into every family. Next, let the furniture customization editor introduce to you the three dimensions of the rapid development of custom home furnishing?

First, the era of personalization is coming.

Due to economic globalization and the development of the Internet, everyone is a self-media platform. Everyone can dissect current events with their own eyes on one platform, and business becomes transparent. Transparency brings about the collapse of 'authority'. The 'authority' here refers to the authority created by relying on readily available resources in the traditional commercial society. Under the transparency of its real authority, whether it is authoritative or not is full of variables. The real authority is the value ontology selected from the dimensions of truth, essence, altruism, and creation. The authority collapses, the individual grows, the individual is no longer attached to the authority, and fully releases self-worth. From this underlying logic, people are pursuing self-identity in all aspects of life. In the industry, it is inevitable that products full of personality will be popular. Custom home furnishing is a big step forward in personalization.

Second, people's cognitive upgrading.

Economic development always changes from extensive to economical, and the old low-efficiency model is gradually eliminated. This is not determined by some subjective factors, but as people's income increases and their sense of security in life increases, they must consider the utilization rate of their value in terms of resource investment. The same is true for individuals. At the beginning, people can work for a little money. Later, if I am worth 100 yuan per unit time, and you give me 90 yuan, it seems that I have earned 90 yuan. In fact, it is calculated from the opportunity cost. It was a loss of 10 yuan. People no longer make money for the sake of making money, but decide whether it is worth it.

Reasoning to the field of home furnishing, this house, bought at such a high price, needs to make greater use of its space. Minimize the overall investment as much as possible and increase the use as much as possible. This does not distinguish between rich and poor, even the top rich will not spend a lot of money to do some stupid things, but make decisions after a lot of cost and benefit calculations. Undoubtedly, customized home furnishing conforms to this logic.

Third, social acceleration.

Professor Wu Jun made a reasoning in 'Light of Civilization'. Counting from the birth of the universe 13.7 billion years ago, the earth appeared 4 billion years ago, water appeared hundreds of millions of years ago, and single cells appeared 100 million years ago. A large number of multi-cells appeared tens of millions of years ago, species exploded tens of millions of years ago, human beings appeared millions of years ago, humans ruled the earth tens of thousands of years ago, agricultural society appeared thousands of years ago, and industrial society appeared hundreds of years ago. With the advent of society, the era of modern industrial society—the era of knowledge economy—has started a few years ago.

Society is evolving at an accelerated pace. As a result, any model that cannot improve efficiency will gradually fade away. There are two types of efficiency improvement: 1. Time saving; 2. Capital cost saving; 3. Energy cost saving. Customized home furnishing is a large home furnishing project that integrates time cost, capital cost, and energy cost.

The logic at the bottom is the unchanging general rule at the bottom. Behind the beautiful flowers on the outside, behind the exquisite appearance, the ups and downs are all affected by the underlying logic. Deviating from the underlying logic, although it is good, it is not long, not to mention some are not good.

Although it cannot be said that customized furniture meets the above three dimensions of social development, it can be said that customized furniture is bound to prevail. However, if these three dimensions are applied to those declining industries, they will be excluded.

The above is all the content introduced by the furniture customization editor. If you want to know more about it. stay tuned!

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