What are the strategies for customizing the overall cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-26

It is more complicated to choose the overall cabinet customization. The following is the strategy of the overall cabinet customization, hoping to help you reduce the anxiety of choosing. There are four o'clock in total, let's look down together.

First, determine the cabinet style

When customizing cabinets, you first need to determine the style of the cabinets, which must be consistent with the overall style of the home. For example, it is not recommended to use dark wood grain panels for simple style homes, and it is not recommended to use acrylic with jumping colors for classical styles. In addition, the kitchen floor Colors and patterns are also very important. Avoid colorful colors, unify the colors of the ground and walls, and keep the colors as plain as possible to extend the vision.

Second, according to the area and space to customize

Before choosing customized cabinets, consumers should first consider the number and height of family members, the area of ​​the kitchen, and daily cooking habits, etc., before making a decision. The size of the cabinet should not occupy too much space in the kitchen. The common cabinets on the market There are one-shaped cabinets, L-shaped cabinets, U-shaped cabinets and so on.

Third, the choice of cabinet accessories

When cabinets are customized, the choice of cabinet accessories makes consumers feel very headache. Which of the various choices is correct? In addition to kitchen appliances and large hardware, cabinet accessories include: cabinet connectors, three-in-one connectors, hinges, feet, skirting boards, steam supports, hanging codes, handles, guide rails, etc. In addition, some accessories look very fashionable, but they are not used in real life, which not only wastes space, but also wastes financial resources. It is recommended that you try not to choose cabinet accessories that are often used in daily life.

Four, shop around for a reasonable budget

When choosing cabinets, you also need to pay attention to shopping around. There are many cabinet brands on the market with uneven quality. It is necessary to strictly control to avoid troubles in the use process in the future. Of course, it is not advisable to buy too expensive cabinets, but to choose the right one based on the overall decoration cost.

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