What are the processes and steps in the furniture customization industry

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-29

Buying a new house and decorating it has become a headache for urban white-collar workers today. It takes a long time to decorate, and sometimes the project can last as long as half a year, which seriously affects the work and life of customers. The second is that there are too many things that need to be purchased and worked hard, and sometimes as a non-professional, they are often deceived

The definition of whole-house furniture customization clearly simplifies the steps of all interior decoration, and the integrated design scheme saves customers from running around and patching together. While enjoying comprehensive advantages, it also saves money. a lot of time.

What are the steps and processes for joining the field of furniture customization

Ask for information about joining

After selecting the whole house home furnishing brand, you need to master the company's franchise information, product design renderings, product introductions, corporate brochures, etc., so that you can have a better understanding of the company. If it feels right at this time, you can start the work behind.

Franchisees need to carry out visits and investigations

After you have a basic understanding of the company, you need to go to the manufacturer of the production, the exhibition hall of the product, or even the direct sales store and its dealership to conduct a comprehensive visit and investigation. This is very important, and this company is fully prepared for more understanding of this company.

Reach an agreement with the manufacturer

The company and the franchisees discuss together the importance of site selection, the effect of home decoration, and some adaptations in the whole process of franchising, and reach an agreement with each other.

planning dealership

The company has to solve all the problems of the franchisees, and sometimes it is to draft a furniture customization franchise contract. After mutual discussion, a strategic cooperation agreement is formed.

decoration shop

According to the previously discussed decoration design plan, carry out the interior decoration of the store, and after achieving the ideal effect, you can prepare for the opening of the store.

The dealership opened

After all the preparations for the opening are completed, you can choose a better day for the opening.

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