What are the precautions for installing a glass wash basin?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-19

After going to the toilet, everyone knows to wash their hands, because it is not only clean and hygienic, but also a kind of etiquette to others. To wash your hands, you absolutely need a washbasin. Many people love glass wash basins. But installing a glass wash basin is not so simple, what should we pay attention to? Next, the editor will introduce the installation knowledge of the glass wash basin for you.

Glass washbasin - installation height
No matter what kind of glass wash basin, the installation height is very important. This is a problem we have to face in our daily use. Too high will cause sore hands, too low is not good for the waist, especially if there are old people or children at home, you should pay more attention to these. Therefore, when installing, the top of the glass wash basin is preferably about 80 cm from the ground. Under normal circumstances, this is a more appropriate height, but if there are special circumstances at home, you can also negotiate with professionals according to the specific situation, and start the installation after confirming that it is feasible.

Glass wash basin - installation depth
this is very important. If the water flow from the faucet is too strong and your glass sink is very shallow, then the water will splash on you. There must be sufficient depth during installation, and at the same time, the bottom must have an appropriate radian to give the water a buffer time.

Glass Lavatory Basins - Drain and Plumbing Locations
After selecting the glass wash basin, arrange the position of the drain pipe and the water pipe to see if the glass wash basin and the water pipe are firmly connected, otherwise the water pipe will be blocked, and there are several other water pipes connected. If you really don't understand, you can ask an expert.

Glass wash basin type and installation
Freestanding glass vanity cabinets are beautiful in style. At the same time, it occupies a relatively small area and has good flexibility. Especially suitable for smaller bathrooms. But it must also be equipped with other accessories, such as small pieces such as mirror boxes, which can make full use of the space around the glass wash basin and place some toiletries or some small daily necessities.

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