What are the precautions for custom wardrobes

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-31

Wardrobe customization is a mainstream. Many people will choose custom wardrobes when decorating their houses, but if you customize wardrobes for newly married couples, you should pay attention to the diversity of clothes. Because the clothes of young men and women are more diverse now, when customizing the wardrobe, it is necessary to separate the space for men and women to store their clothes, and there must be enough hanging space and private space in the cabinet, as well as small storage spaces such as ties and socks. The small grids for clothes, such a custom-made wardrobe, need to tear down the wall by 1 inch to meet the needs of young couples.

When customizing the wardrobe, we should also pay attention to the use time of the wardrobe, especially when customizing the wardrobe for children, we must pay attention to this, because children are constantly growing, and after a wardrobe is customized, it can be used for 5 years, 10 years or even longer Time, this is when their clothes will undergo certain changes. At the beginning of customization, they may focus on multiple functions, because at this time the wardrobe will not only hold children's clothes, but also various children's products such as toys and books. After the child grows up, the function of the wardrobe will change significantly, and it will mainly store clothes. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that there is enough storage space in the wardrobe to provide a suitable storage environment for different clothes.

When customizing the wardrobe, the convenience of accessing the clothes inside should also be considered. You can explain this to the designer when customizing, and you can make more partitions to facilitate the classification and storage of clothes. Low, otherwise you need to bend over and squat down when taking things from the drawer, which will feel inconvenient at this time, and there will be other furniture next to the wardrobe, sometimes the drawer cannot be opened, if this situation is not considered in advance, It is very troublesome to think about changing the wardrobe after the wardrobe is customized.

When customizing the wardrobe, we must pay attention to the materials used in the wardrobe, and try to choose those environmentally friendly green materials, because such materials will not produce formaldehyde after customizing the wardrobe, will not pollute the indoor environment, and affect human health, but this kind of environmentally friendly material is relatively It is slightly more expensive than other materials. Try to ask the custom manufacturer to give a specific quotation. In addition, when customizing the wardrobe, you must pay attention to the size inside the wardrobe, especially those hanging clothes. The height of the cabinet for hanging long coats should not be lower than 1.3 The height of the cabinet for hanging shorts and suits cannot be less than 80 cm.

When customizing a wardrobe, we must also consider the custom price and its internal structure. Let the designer give a detailed drawing, or the three-dimensional model will be confirmed by the manufacturer before production. In addition, we must contact the manufacturer for the custom wardrobe before production Reach an agreement on the price and sign a written contract. When making the wardrobe, you can also choose several custom manufacturers, let them draw and quote, and choose the one with the highest cost performance for cooperation. If you want to know more about whole house customization brand agency, whole house customization, and whole house decoration, you can follow us.

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