What are the materials of the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-31

   The first type, carbon fiber bathroom cabinet, carbon fiber board is mainly made of calcium powder, carbon powder, environmentally friendly resin and other high-pressure extruded materials. It is a new type of synthetic material. The biggest advantage is that it has good water resistance. It is not afraid of water, not afraid of tide, and has good hardness and toughness. Carbon fiber bathroom vanity are formaldehyde-free, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and not easy to deform. More suitable for smaller toilets. There are not many choices in colors and styles. Carbon fiber bathroom cabinets are suitable for toilets without shower partitions and wet and dry separation, and the price is cheap. Suitable for simple decoration rooms and rental rooms.

   The second type, space aluminum bathroom cabinet, bathroom cabinet manufacturers say that the main material of bathroom cabinet is space aluminum, which has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance and stronger durability, and the main characteristics of space aluminum material are No rust, no fading, and strong hardness. Like many bathroom accessories, there are more space aluminum materials. Therefore, in choosing the material of bathroom vanity, if the bathroom is not separated from wet and dry, then it is very suitable to choose the space aluminum bathroom vanity. And space aluminum bathroom cabinets are also available in many colors and styles. The price is more expensive than carbon fiber bathroom cabinets.

   The third type, solid wood bathroom cabinet, solid wood bathroom cabinet is the base board is three-layer solid wood board or multi-layer solid wood board double-sided baking varnish, or high-temperature hot-pressed raw veneer outside the solid wood substrate, also called paint-free; Due to the complex paint process, the long production cycle, and the presence of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene in the paint. Therefore, many people now like to use solid wood substrates and paint-free finishes for bathroom cabinets. The processing cycle is short, the move-in is quick, and it is more environmentally friendly. The advantage of solid wood lacquered bathroom cabinets lies in the variety of colors and styles, which can be customized into the same color as other wood products (wooden doors or furniture) in the home, which is more flexible.

The disadvantage of    solid wood lacquered bathroom vanity is that they are easy to crack and decay over time. They are best used in bathrooms with separate wet and dry conditions. Paint-free solid wood bathroom cabinets, the veneer color is fixed, and sometimes it cannot match the color of other wood products (wooden doors or furniture) in the home. Paint-free bathroom cabinets are also formed by high temperature and heat pressing, and long-term damp and hot environments can easily lead to finishes. The skin is separated from the main board, so we try to use it in a bathroom with separate wet and dry or a bathroom with a shower partition. The price of solid wood bathroom cabinets is also more expensive than the previous two.

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