What are the main points of whole house customization?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-06

With the improvement of living standards, the requirements for whole house customization are getting higher and higher. Next, the whole house customization editor will introduce the main points of whole house customization:

1. Style selection

As a decoration, the overall style is to be determined first. For example, the current modern simplicity, minimalist light luxury, simple European style, modern new Chinese style, etc., locate the style you like in your heart, so that you can better determine the color and style in the later selection of materials. Let the whole house customization manufacturer first produce several design renderings for the style you like, which will better show the appearance of the overall home in the later stage.

2. Spatial layout

For the whole house customization, the overall spatial layout is very important. The location of the home will affect the overall aesthetics and practicality. For example, the overall layout of the kitchen, most of them consider ergonomics and operating habits, so that it will be used later. It is more convenient to choose 'L', 'U', 'One' and other types of layouts, and choose according to your daily needs. A reasonable layout not only meets the needs of users, but also solves a large part of the pain points in the space.

3. Color matching

When we have decided on the style, we must choose the overall matching color according to the style. It is not easy to choose too many colors, for example: minimalist and light luxury style home decoration, most of them are decorated with metal frame, light gray, dark gray and other cool color series as the main color, with some beautiful soft colors, yellow, blue, orange etc. In terms of color matching, it should complement the overall decoration style.

4. Input cost

Why is this point placed in the fourth place, because the above points are actually realized on the basis of economic strength, and choose the custom furniture style that suits you within the scope of economic strength. After all, decoration is also within the scope of my own economy. Otherwise, the expectations in the early stage are high, but I can't pretend that I am satisfied with my home due to limited funds. To fully consider all aspects under the satisfied conditions, it is still necessary to communicate more with the designer.

The above is all the content introduced by the whole house customization editor. If you want to know more relevant information, please pay attention!

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